At Jasper Conran London our values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in creating timeless pieces made from materials specifically chosen to look beautiful be long-lasting, and where possible sustainable.

Our products are made to the highest standard of quality and by workers that are protected through robust compliance procedures. Every manufacturer must sign up to our Supplier Code of Conduct, drawn from the International Labour Organisations core principles, as it is important to us that our customers have the assurance that their Jasper Conran London pieces are made within conditions that are fair, safe and promote human rights.

As a brand we consciously design with a clear vision of going beyond just the aesthetic, we believe that it is our responsibility to minimise our impact on the planet. That is why each piece is designed with longevity in mind and we offer care tips to help you extend the life of your products.

We encourage a more mindful consumption, and because our pieces are built to last, as well as looking timeless, they can be donated for a second life after ownership, giving someone new the opportunity to own an original Jasper Conran London item.

Our materials are, where possible, recycled and recyclable. Whilst we do not claim to be a fully sustainable brand yet, our goals are towards that end.

We are currently investigating alternative sustainable materials to introduce into our collections and in the future, we are looking to work with partners who will be able to recycle our products, keeping the valuable materials out of landfill and putting them back through the value chain.

Jasper Conran London is committed to becoming a more sustainable brand, and we are working towards finalising our clear sustainability ambitions and measurable goals. Please check our web site and social media feeds for more details and to follow us on this journey…..