The Warranty covers all Jasper Conran London clothing and accessories against possible defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase.

The Warranty can only be activated on receipt of a valid and original proof of purchase of the Jasper Conran London product in question.




Without limitation, the Warranty does not cover:
  1. Wear and tear and deterioration caused in the normal course of handling (including without limitation abrasions, minor cuts, scratches, dents, soiling, zip or trims)
  2. Cosmetic Damage
  3. Damage due to negligence, accidents, improper handling (including without limitation carrying unusual objects), heat exposure, contact with acids or solvents
  4. Water damage

 While non-warranty maintenance or repairs may be performed by any company, repairs or alterations to the Jasper Conran London product will automatically void this warranty.




If you believe your Jasper Conran London product is defective and falls within the Warranty, you should contact the retailer where the item was purchased. You must present a valid and original proof of purchase.