Bylthe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Green

A full skirt shirt dress is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe; its unmatched versatility and classic design ensures that it is a dress for all seasons.

With the spring season, there comes more opportunity for lighter shirt dress colours to really enhance your wardrobe in preparation for the warmer weather. Therefore, a versatile full skirt shirt dress could be exactly what you need to make a statement this spring. At Jasper Conran London, each dress is designed and crafted using the most refined materials, creating modern classics to suit your style and wardrobe. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the attention to detail that goes into designing our full skirt shirt dresses, as well as providing options for styling.

Bylthe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Pink

We will also highlight our top colour picks for the spring season, and how you can impress at various spring occasions, with a stylish Jasper Conran bag to match.

The Design Process

Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Blue

Since his first womenswear collection launch in 1978, Jasper Conran has always strived for perfection and comfort in every dress he has created. The brand – Jasper Conran London – has prospered since its initial launch, with a clear vision of its customer; a modern woman who appreciates classic designs, has a confident approach to dressing, and seeks both quality and comfort in a dress that fits her perfectly.

I really think a good dress should look good on anyone, whatever their age” - Jasper Conran

One of the first designs of the brand was the stylish full skirt shirt dress called “Blythe.” This particular dress captures the essence of a woman who needs a dress for any occasion; its flexible design and functional yet elegant details make it an eye-catching outfit all year round, no matter whether you’re in the office or out for an evening meal. It has become a real favourite with the Jasper Conran woman, and has been a staple of the brand ever since.

Blythe Striped Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Blue

All women are different, from their lifestyle to their fashion choices. Our full skirt shirt dresses present an opportunity for women to choose a dress that suits them for all occasions. Our dresses are not ones that are worn once and forgotten about; their versatility means they can be chosen for a formal evening dinner, and worn the very next day for a simple walk in the park.

Purple Celia Silk full skirt shirt dress

We also pay careful attention to the materials we use, and how they are going to benefit the dress and the woman wearing it. Most of our full skirt shirt dresses are made from cotton, prioritising comfort and sustainability without forgoing class and refinement. Comfortable, breathable and versatile, cotton ensures that all of our Blythe full skirt shirt dresses can be worn all year round.

We also craft 100% silk full skirt shirt dresses for that extra touch of elegance, providing a luxurious feel, in a vibrant colour palette and an eye-catching look you’ll be proud to wear on evenings out. Comfort is a key part in the design process and silk also provides comfort and breathability, allowing you to look exquisite without sacrificing how you feel.

How to Wear and Style a Full Skirt Shirt Dress

A full skirt shirt dress is a quintessential dress to have in any woman’s wardrobe. Their versatility makes them a great choice for formal occasions such as parties and weddings, as well as day-to-day gatherings with friends and for the office. Our Blythe shirt dresses, in particular, can be styled to suit a night in with friends or a night out, with an ability to look elegant with either trainers or heels. The waist also has an elasticated back for better flexibility that suits all body shapes.

The Blythe full skirt shirt dress is available in either block colours, checks or striped, providing you with more choice depending on your personal style preferences. The variety of design styles means our designer full skirt shirt dresses can be worn all year round, with bright and dark colours alike for seasonally appropriate dressing. The wrap-around belt can be tied on the waist for a comfortable feel, and the dress can be buttoned up or down depending on your mood and preferences.

Blythe Pink full skirt shirt dress Yellow blythe striped full skirt shirt dress Blythe Green full skirt shirt dress

When I’m designing, for women at least, I really don’t think about supermodels. I think about the dress first and the lives of the people that might wear them” - Jasper Conran

As the warmer months approach, most people will be looking for lighter, more breathable clothing to keep cool. Our designer full skirt shirt dresses achieve these summer goals, but don’t compromise sophistication and style. Long sleeves are a recognisable feature of the Blythe dress, but can be rolled up to create a more casual look on a hot summer’s day. A common dress complaint amongst women is the lack of pockets in dresses. All of our Jasper Conran full skirt shirt dresses come with pockets for practicality, with no illusion needed.

For a more formal, exclusive look, this silk full skirt shirt dress is an exemplary choice for making a bold statement while nurturing a soft feel. It is the ideal choice for a romantic candlelit dinner or a dinner party, with its distinctive block purple colour bound to be a crowd-pleaser. All of our dresses can be found on our website here.

Choosing the Perfect Colour

One of the many beauties of fashion is that there are various colours to choose from for one particular item of clothing. Both dark and light colours serve a purpose, whether that be to make an outfit more flattering or to fit with the tone of an event or occasion. There are also subtle and bold patterns available to add something different to your wardrobe.

Green Spring Mood Board
Yellow spring mood board

All of our Blythe full skirt shirt dresses come in a variety of different colours and patterns to enhance your wardrobe and bring more style to your everyday life. Pastels and striped patterns go hand-in-hand with spring; these delicate colours are the perfect choice for a post-winter refresh as we all welcome those pleasant mornings. Those April showers will still be looming, and brighter colours will light up any gloomy day, matched with long sleeves to retain some warmth.

Our Spring and Summer collection is “a riot of colours, with succulent sorbets and searing brights.” With each seasonal design, we pay close attention to colours and trends, focusing more on a woman’s lifestyle rather than her age, shape and size. Our Blythe dress has been updated in vivid pink and green shirt dresses, enabling anyone to make a memorable statement. Our pastel striped full skirt shirt dresses are subtle in their appearance, blending soft colours with striking patterns to fully welcome spring into your wardrobe.

Blythe full skirt shirt dress in black
Blythe full skirt shirt dress in white

For a more monochrome effect, the black full skirt shirt dresses are a classic choice; black is infamous for its ability to match with anything, so a black shirt dress is the perfect everyday outfit, especially if you need to choose an outfit quickly, but don’t want to compromise on style. A white shirt dress is a more suited option for spring and summer; lighter colours reflect the heat that falls on them, making them more comfortable during warmer weather.

If you’re reserving your designer full skirt shirt dress for a more ceremonial event, our striking silk dress is available in elegant purple, with a wrap detail bodice for an extra touch of finesse.

Occasions and Celebrations

Purple Blythe full shirt skirt dress

Our full collection of dresses at Jasper Conran are not designed for one specific event or woman; they are intricately designed around her lifestyle, and can be worn for daily outings and evening parties alike. We pride ourselves in creating flexible dresses that don’t compromise comfort or style, accentuating their value and wearability.

My advice is that the dress you choose shouldn’t be one that you just think about wearing on a special occasion. It should be your ‘cheer yourself up’ dress that you can also wear to the office” - Jasper Conran

Springtime marks the arrival of wedding season, with more people searching for the perfect wedding guest dress. Due to weddings being meaningful occasions, and guests wanting to dress their best, some may opt for choosing an expensive dress that they will only wear once. However, making a statement doesn’t have to be a one-time event. Our refined full skirt shirt dresses are designed to be worn more than once, with flexibility that can allow a dress to range from a stunning wedding guest dress to a simple office outfit.

Lilac Blythe striped full skirt shirt dress
Blue Blythe striped full skirt shirt dress

With spring comes the opportunity for picnics and trips to the beach, presenting the perfect excuse for making an impact with your choice of outfit, as well as staying cool and bright. Our classic Blythe dresses, particularly our striped options, are a sublime choice for days in the warm spring sun. Their pastel colours are quintessential for spring, reflecting the bloom of the surrounding flowers. The plain weave cotton blend fabric allows you to keep cool in the sun, presenting a breathable outfit that won’t be uncomfortable.

Spring may also mark the start of Easter parties; from children’s egg hunts to more formal evening parties, you need a dress that can be worn for both. A designer full skirt shirt dress is the perfect choice for day and evening events, especially if you’re strapped for time in the day to change. To browse our full collection of versatile full skirt shirt dresses, please visit us on our website to discover your next wardrobe staple.

Yellow spring mood board

How to Accessorise your Full Skirt Shirt Dress

Alexis Green leather flap body bag

Although our dresses and their sophistication speak for themselves, adding a handbag to accessorise and complete your outfit can not only provide a practical element, but can earn you extra style points too. Whether you’re wearing your long shirt dress for a daily walk around the park or attending a party, adding a bag to your outfit can complete the look.

At Jasper Conran London, we recommend our classic saddle bags for pairing with your full skirt shirt dress. A smaller, more compact bag will complete your outfit perfectly, and will prove to be an eye-catching addition to your perfectly stylised and crafted outfit. Our Alexis leather flap over body bag comes in either black or green, and would couple flawlessly with a white Blythe dress for running daily errands during the day.

Tan Ada saddle bag
Agatha Black Croc saddle bag

For a bag that will match any day or night outfit, our Ada saddle bags come in black or brown, with a deceptively roomy interior for feasibility. With integrated compartments, a front pocket, and a shoulder strap, our Ada handbags are a stylish option for day and evening wear, no matter the style or colour of the dress. A unique alternative would be the Agatha saddle bag, which comes in a range of different colours, making it the perfect choice for any full skirt shirt dress. Its faux croc skin material makes it a premium option for evening wear, with gold hardware to add an extra touch of class.

To ensure your handbag and dress complement each other perfectly, we recommend opting for a smaller handbag in comparison with a larger option. Our mini tote bags know how to complement an outfit, and come with various internal pockets with zip fastenings to make them a safe and stylish choice. Our full collection of designer handbags can be found here, allowing you to choose the model handbag for your brand-new outfit.

Green Bee leather mini tote bag

Choosing Jasper Conran London

Blythe Green striped full skirt shirt dress

Since its origin, the Jasper Conran London brand has been dedicated to designing and creating modern, classic dresses to suit all varieties of women. Our Blythe women's shirt dresses have become a timeless staple of our brand, with The Telegraph once describing it as “a dress that suits everyone.” We are constantly striving to reinvent our classic Blythe dresses without taking away their unique shine and style, which includes incorporating new, vibrant colours into our seasonal collections.

The design of the dress is governed by a set of rules — ease, comfort, flattering; is it fresh, is it modern? These are the rules we apply.” - Jasper Conran

Creativity and design are at the heart of everything we do; we take a woman’s modern lifestyle into consideration when creating our full skirt shirt dresses, ensuring they are practical and comfortable without compromising their elegance and style. We understand how highly comfort, design, and the perfect fit rank on a woman’s list of priorities for fashion, which become our priorities during our design process.

With years of experience in feminine comfort and effortless design, we understand exactly what our customers need each season, crafting elegant, perfectly-fitted dresses with designer handbags to match. Above all, Jasper Conran London is a designer brand you can trust to provide a friend for your wardrobe.

Black Blythe full skirt shirt dress

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