Stripes are an elegant choice and can enhance any outfit, adding a pop of colour to dresses to help complement the seasons and catch attention. All of our dresses at Jasper Conran London are created with you in mind, prioritising practicality, style and comfort above all else. Our dresses are designed to create a classic, refined silhouette to ensure you feel confident and alluring, no matter where you are.

I love stripes. They make me feel happy and fill me with joy” - Jasper Conran

Lighter striped dresses are fresh, modern, and evoke feelings of summer that are perfectly suited to the warmer months that are now upon us. Darker tones are still great for summer, and offer a chicer look that is bound to make a statement during the evening. No matter your preference, striped shirt dresses are the conclusive choice for summer days and nights.

In our style guide, we will explore how to wear and style your designer striped shirt dress, helping you choose the perfect colour for any event, whether it is casual or formal. We will also discuss the various elements you may need to consider before purchasing your striped shirt dress, and which of our Jasper Conran London dresses and bags would work optimally together.

Designing a Jasper Conran London Striped Shirt Dress

Stripes are part of the DNA of the Jasper Conran London brand, and of Jasper himself. They’re a great alternative to the Blythe full skirt shirt dresses that are available in block colours, especially if you want to make a bolder statement during the summer months.

The Blythe full skirt shirt dress is our best-seller and has become a staple of the brand. Although we often rejuvenate the Blythe dress, we always ensure that it keeps its classic, memorable style. The striped Blythe dresses present an eye-catching addition to the original Blythe dress, making them a perfect choice for adding an extra touch of style to your wardrobe. They are also designed with functionality and comfort in mind, with roomy pockets and elasticated back waists.

Our striped shirt dresses here at Jasper Conran London are available in soft pastel hues and darker tones for a chic feel, providing you with plenty of choices. We also have a collection of bags to help you complete your outfit, no matter the season or occasion. From larger designer tote bags to smaller cross-body bags, you can find the perfect accessory selection for your outfit on our website.

You can discover more about our designer full-shirt skirt dresses in our previous guide here.

How do you Wear a Striped Shirt Dress?

Our dresses are designed in such a way that there is no right or wrong way to style your designer striped shirt dress. We believe that your style is your own, so you can pair your dress with any shoes, accessories or bags you wish. However, there are ways in which you can enhance your outfit to make a statement no matter where you go, pairing your elegant look with various style choices to get the most out of your outfit.

Our bags are also carefully designed alongside our dress collections; therefore, we can create the perfect outfit for you by simply coordinating your new striped shirt dress with one of our many functional but beautiful handbags. Our blue and white striped shirt dresses are a classic choice and are perfectly suited to strolls along the beach. They pair wonderfully with our soft tan leather bags, such as our Beatrix scoop leather cross body bag, and they can be worn with sandals for a cool summer look.

Our yellow Blythe striped shirt dresses is a sunny fresh alternative and looks great with similarly toned handbags, such as this mustard Agatha hobo bag. Colour coordinating your outfits can make a striking summer statement, whether you’re enjoying a day trip or simply going to the office. You don’t need an excuse to look your best; matching our dresses with our designer handbags can make you feel modern and sophisticated, no matter the activity.

All of our pastel Blythe dresses can suit both casual and formal occasions, depending on the bag and shoes you pair them with. Each dress looks perfect when accessorised with a pair of fresh white high-top trainers, but can look equally as stylish with an elegant heel or sandal. Our darker striped dresses are an optimal choice for the office, and look great when matched with one of our blue Bee leather tote bags.

Our striped shirt dresses can be styled in an effortlessly laidback fashion, with the sleeves pushed up and collar turned casually up, but they’re also great for a more buttoned-up polished look, with silver hoops and a bangle for more formal attire.

All dresses can be complemented with a bag to really finish off the look, and we have a vast collection here at Jasper Conran London, including our popular tote bags. You can find out more about our designer tote bags in our previous style guide.

Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Designer Striped Shirt Dress

What colour dress you choose can depend on a number of factors. What season will you predominantly wear this dress in? Is it a formal or casual dress? What bag and shoes will you pair with it? Most importantly, the dress you choose will be heavily influenced by your personal style. You want a designer striped dress that will enhance your wardrobe all the while blending with your own personal preferences. Our striped shirt dresses are designed to make women feel confident, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to their daily outfits.

In my work, I’ve always played out my passion for stripes, hoping that I could persuade you to feel the same way.” - Jasper Conran

Our pastel-coloured striped shirt dresses are a fresh choice for summer; their candy tones and their crisp cotton material makes them a cool choice for warmer days. Our lilac striped shirt dress is a charming summer dress for days out, from meals with friends to strolls along the seafront. Pair with our green Bryn leather tote bag, for a crisp, fresh spring/summer look

Our yellow Blythe striped shirt dresses emulate sunny days. all of our Blythe striped dresses come with a half-elasticated waist and a removable obi belt for comfort and style, providing you with a practical summer dress can keep you cool on warmer days too. Our pastel green striped shirt dress is the perfect dress for summer strolls in gardens, evening picnics, and even more formal events such as Wimbledon. You can pair this dress with a Bee mini leather tote bag to complete the look.

Our striped Blythe dresses aren’t just available in pastel tones. We also have a collection of darker-toned striped shirt dresses for more formal events such as trips to the office and evening meals. Our choco Blythe striped shirt dress makes for great office attire, and can be paired with one of our tan bags, such as our Beatrix leather scoop hobo bag. Try turning up the collar up on this dress for a look that combines style and professionalism.

To choose the perfect designer dress and colour for you, you can visit our website.

Elements to Consider Before Buying your Striped Shirt Dress

With warmer months ahead, it is important to consider how your wardrobe is changing to make way for these sunny days. Your daily casual outfits, as well as your work dresses and evening ensembles, will all predominantly feature shorter sleeves and thinner, lighter materials in order to ensure you are cool and comfortable during the summer. Before buying a Jasper Conran London striped shirt dress, there are a few elements to consider.

As mentioned, the sleeves of our Blythe striped shirt dresses can be rolled up to present a more casual look, but can be left down during those cool summer evenings. Our dresses aren’t just made for the summer months; they’re a classic choice throughout the year, and for more years to come. Each dress is a friend for your wardrobe, and can be styled with different shoes and bags to fit with any season.

All of our Blythe designer striped shirt dresses fall just below the knee, depending on your height, making them a refined, elegant choice for days out and evening events. They also flow nice and delicately to allow that cool summer breeze to keep you refreshed. Women should also take into consideration their own personal style choice, preferred colours and accessories such as bags and jewellery in order to complete their outfit in a way that suits them.

Casual vs. Formal: The Best Occasions for your New Striped Shirt Dress

There is a plethora of summer events where your striped shirt dress can be a star of the show. Whether you’re out celebrating an event or simply venturing to the office or meeting up with friends, our dresses can help complement your style and ensure you feel chic and elegant.

When going to the office during the summer months, you need a dress that will keep you cool as you work. Our black and white striped shirt dress is a classic monochrome choice, and can be paired with our black Carmen shopper tote to not only match with your outfit, to provide a practical yet stylish place for your phone, laptop and purse. We also recommend looking at our collection of darker toned dresses for summer office attire.

If you’re attending a garden party this summer or more exclusive events such as Ascot or Wimbledon, we recommend our green pastel striped shirt dress to really match with your surroundings, providing an air of elegance and refinement whilst you enjoy your day. Our yellow Blythe striped shirt dress is also a great choice for trips to the beach. Helping you stand out in the summer sun. Try pairing these dresses with similarly toned bags, such as our Agatha hobo bag, to combine style with flexibility.

The most popular season for weddings is summer, and there’s no better feeling than celebrating your friends or family’s nuptials in a brand-new dress. Our pastel striped dresses are perfectly suited to all wedding settings; from outdoor ceremonies to indoor manor settings, or traditional church ceremonies our dresses are the perfect summer wedding outfit, and can paired with one of our smaller bags, such as our Bee mini totes, to complete the ensemble.

If you’re looking for the perfect bag to accompany you to work, a wedding, or a casual evening out with friends, you can browse out vast collection of designer bags to find the best choice for you.

Choosing a Designer Striped Shirt Dress from Jasper Conran London

Stripes have always inspired Jasper Conran, and they play a big part in his style choices, both personally and professionally.

I wear them in, practically, every sort of clothing I can get: jackets, trousers, socks, towelling robes. I have very old striped shirts that I’ve worn and worn. They’re frayed and battered, but in a funny way, they get better, and still give me the same amount of pleasure.” - Jasper Conran

They’re a staple of formal business wear, but can be incorporated into informal outfits by adding a pop of colour for you to enjoy on days out. It is often said that stripes are chosen by women who have a strong sense of self-worth; at Jasper Conran London, our designer striped shirt dresses come in various colours to provide different options for any woman looking to own her style.

You can find our full collection of striped dresses online.

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