Tote bags are known for their strong and durable properties, and are a popular choice amongst women who want a reliable, everyday handbag. Jasper Conran London integrates all of these properties with style and unmatched refinement, providing women with a bag to be proud of.

There are many different designs and styles of tote bags available for all types of women, uses and occasions. From hand-crafted cotton tote bags to sturdier, more designer options, they’re one of the most practical bags on the market. Due to their varying degrees of style, one tote bag may not be suitable for all occasions, as it may be too casual for a formal setting, and vice versa. A tote bag from Jasper Conran London could be just what you’re looking for when it comes to combining flexibility with elegance and class.

Bryn Leather Tote Bag
Camel Bee Leather Tote Bag

In this full guide, we will explore the process of designing a tote bag, and the various styles that can work well with different Jasper Conran London dresses. We will also discuss the perfect colour, size and material for you, as well as what you should look out for when choosing the best designer tote bag for both casual and formal occasions.

How are Tote Bags Designed?

When I’m designing a bag, my first thoughts are about functionality and practicality. Then and only then, when I’ve got that sorted, do I turn to beauty” - Jasper Conran

Jasper Conran with the Green Bee Leather Mini Tote Bag

When designing the tote bag in his London-based design studio, Jasper Conran considers functionality and practicality before anything else. When looking for a brand-new bag, how it will primarily be used is a big determining factor in someone’s choice. Its size, number of pockets and how comfortable it is to wear are all important elements to consider, especially if the bag will be used for a certain activity, such as working.

This is where tote bags really stand out; their size makes them the perfect bag for all kinds of occasions, such as working in the office, day trips and evenings out. The Bryn leather tote bag is the perfect example of a designer tote bag, with enough room for a large wallet or purse, laptop, notebook, bottle of perfume, and even a pair of high heels, as Jasper Conran himself intended.

If you need a smaller but still stylish tote bag, the Bee leather mini tote bag is a fashionable, contemporary addition to a classic outfit, such as our blue Betsy cotton wrap dress. It’s the ideal bag for special occasions; it can accompany you for a day at the races as a compact handbag that provides a pop of colour. To view our full collection of designer tote bags, you can visit us on our dedicated handbags page here.

Designer Tote Bag Styles and Stylish Pairings

Green Bryn Leather Tote Bag Paired with our Pink Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress

At Jasper Conran London, we ensure that extra care and attention is paid to the design of each of our tote bags, making them a perfect, designer choice for everyday activities and evening ventures. All of our tote bags complement our dresses perfectly, so you can plan to coordinate your outfit and stand out from the crowd.

One of our most popular tote bag variants is the Bryn leather tote bag, which comes in a range of different colours essential for the spring and summer months. This green leather tote bag pairs perfectly with our pink Blythe full skirt shirt dress; the two bright colours match to create a warm feel and a summer-infused look. You could wear this ensemble to work as the warmer months roll in, or you could save it for an evening out with friends.

Bryn Leather Tote Bag - Mustard Bryn Leather Tote Bag - Taupe Bryn Leather Tote Bag - Green

Our Bee leather tote bags are slightly smaller than the Bryn collection; however, they’re more suited as a handbag rather than an over-the-shoulder alternative. Both our camel and cobalt Bee leather tote bags come with three internal compartments to pair practicality with elegance, complete with a bespoke hardware fastening to give it an extra unique touch. The camel tote bag would look idyllic with gorgeous summer colours such as our Brit silk wrap dress to create a more refined look. The Bee tote bag is the perfect summer occasions bag, and will look perfect at a wedding or at formal, exclusive events like Wimbledon and Royal Ascot.

Bee Leather Tote Bag - Camel Camel Bee Leather Tote Bag with Blythe striped full skirt shirt dress Bee Leather Tote Bag - Cobalt

If you’re looking for a tote bag with extra compartments for your daily essentials, our Baylee double pocket tote is an ideal everyday designer bag with easy access to external button and zip pockets for practical purposes. This versatile bag doesn’t compromise style and is available in green and vivid orange. Both of these colours work well with white dresses, such as our Blythe full skirt shirt dress, on a warm summer’s day to add a pop of colour.

Baylee Double Pocket Tote in Green
Black Carmen Nylon Shopper

Our black Carmen nylon shopper tote bags are a classic alternative to our leather totes and mini totes; they are the perfect size for everyday use, with a detachable pouch for extra storage. These designer shopper tote bags are made from recycled nylon and are a timeless choice for formal evenings out. Pairing the black Carmen nylon shopper tote bag with darker tones such as the blue Blythe striped full skirt shirt dress can make a great purchase for casual daywear.

For a different, more unique style, the Alexis leather croc grab tote bag has a life of its own and is designed to make an impact. With statement Jasper Conran London hardware details and adjustable buckle straps, this designer grab tote bag looks elegant as a shoulder bag or handbag. Our Alexis leather grab tote bags are also available in crosshatch variations, and look good with flexible, evening dresses such as the Celia silk first skirt shirt dress.

Alexis Leather Croc Grab Tote Bag in Green

All of our designer tote bags complement our Blythe full skirt shirt dresses, no matter whether they are paired for days out or evening dates. You can find out more about our staple full shirt skirt dresses in our previous style guide here.

Choosing the Perfect Colour and Material

Jasper Conran Green Spring Mood Board

Once the use of your future tote bag has been determined, whether you’re looking for an occasion or day-to-day bag, you’ll need to think about the best colours to suit your preferences and outfits. With the warmer months approaching, lighter colours are becoming more in-style, such as striking bright tones and more neutral pastel options. Not only do you need to dress for spring and summer, but you’ll also need to accessorise appropriately too.

Our popular Bryn leather tote bag is available in mustard and taupe, contrasting colours that both serve different yet stand-out looks. The mustard designer tote bag would look exquisite on a warm summer day with any outfit, particularly bright coloured dresses and classic fabrics, such as our silk dresses. Taupe tote bags present a more nude and refined display, and can pair well with pastel colours such as lilac and green.

Inside view of the Bryn Leather Tote Bag in Camel
Orange Baylee Double Pocket Tote Bag

At Jasper Conran London, we have various pale and forest green designer tote bags that work well for both daytime and evening spring occasions. For lighter greens, the Baylee double-pocket tote bag is perfect for spring occasions such as day trips to the beach due to its designer features and practical size. The green Alexis croc leather tote bag is ideal for formal nights out, and can be paired with your favourite dress to add class and elegance to your evening.

Most of our tote bags are made from leather to give you a more exclusive, designer look. Our tote bags are also durable, provide excellent value and are comfortable to wear, making them the best choice for everyday bags that make a statement. We also have non-leather variants available, such as our Baylee tote bags, that don’t sacrifice style and permanence. Our Nylon tote bags are also made from 100% recycle materials, ensuring they are an ideal choice for more eco-conscious women that don’t want to compromise that perfect look. Nylon is also a more lightweight material, and is perfect for casual events and achieving sporty elegance.

Green Spring Mood Board

You can browse our full collection of tote bags on our website to decide on the best style, colour and material for you.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Designer Tote Bag?

When choosing any bag, the main concern for many women is its primary use. Clutch bags and toaster cross body bags in particular are saved for nights out and casual drinks with friends, as not many items will be needed for the occasion. They’re a great choice if you only need your keys, money and makeup; designer tote bags, however, are more versatile.

Mustard Natural Grain Agatha Hobo Bag

They have plenty of space for a variety of items, making them the perfect bag for summer day trips and weekends away. We recommend pairing our mustard Bryn leather tote bag with our Delilah linen shirt dress in blue to colour coordinate and make a statement on a warm day.

Your designer tote bag will also need to be a practical choice, and it should be the ideal size and style for you. Women can be drawn to a bag that looks and feels good, and one that can match with various outfit choices. If you’re looking for a larger bag with various compartments to store essential items, the Bryn tote bag is a great choice for trips at home and abroad. From excursions to the beach to summer night walks, this designer tote bag is your perfect holiday necessity.

Cobalt Bee leather tote bag paired with the Blue Stripe Bylthe Full Skirt Shirt Dress

When I’m designing a smaller bag, for going out or being smart, I know that your needs are not less than they normally are” - Jasper Conran

If you’re looking for a smaller bag for special summer occasions, our Bee tote bags are a great alternative to the Bryn tote bag, with plenty of space inside for your purse, keys and other essential items. As well as practical benefits, their classic, sophisticated look provides a noticeable statement with any outfit, complete with a back slip pocket for easy access.

Alexis Crosshatch Leather Grab Tote Bag - Mustard Natural Grain

Our designer tote bags are model bags for everyday use; each of our tote bags are shaped to fit comfortably over your shoulder or on your arm with easy access to all interior compartments. Our grab totes possess adjustable buckle straps for extra comfort depending on how you choose to wear your new designer bag. Our grab tote bags are a seasonal must-have, with colours such as green and mustard natural grain that can match perfectly with our pastel-coloured dresses.

Size and Practicality: the Diversity of Jasper Conran London Tote Bags

Here at Jasper Conran London, we’re proud of our diverse and designer collection of bags, each of which are suited for any occasion. With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, you will need a bag that stores everything you may need during an exciting day trip and that provides a glamorous touch during the evening. We always focus on functionality and practicality before anything else, providing you with a bag that not only looks good, but fulfils an important purpose.

Cobalt Bee Leather Tote Bag
Green Bryn Leather tote bag with purse

During the warmer months, you don’t want a bag that applies pressure or digs into your shoulder, such as a backpack. Designer tote bags are known for their lightweight properties, and they aren’t as bulky as backpacks, making it easier for women to access their belongings quickly and stress-free. Tote bags can also be used all year round and are not confined to just one season or occasion. There are plenty of variations of designer tote bags for you to choose from, no matter whether you want a simple, classic tote bag, or a pocket tote for more storage.

Our Bryn tote bags are suited to everyday use and can add a touch of style whilst running errands or going to the office. They also won’t weigh you down during those hot summer commutes, and they are available in three separate colours to help you choose your favourite summer statement.

Our shopper tote bags are made from nylon, which is softer and could potentially be a more comfortable choice for daily activities. Our crosshatch tote bags are a touch smaller than the Bryn tote bags, and are the perfect accessory for warm evenings out.

Mustard Natural Grain Alexis Crosshatch Leather Grab Bag
Orange Baylee Double Pocket Bag

Our Baylee double pocket totes are incredibly practical, and are available in a vibrant orange tone to really set the mood for the summer months. Their intricate design, with golden hardware and external pockets for easy access and functionality, make them the perfect summer handbags for formal occasions and daily outings.

Despite the excitement and freedom we associate with summer, most of us will still need to venture to work every weekday, and we still deserve an eye-catching bag that we’re proud to take into the office throughout the year. To find out which bag is the best option for you, you can read our full guide here to help you decide.

Choosing your Designer Tote Bag with Jasper Conran London

Since the design and manufacture of their very first bag, Jasper Conran London have always strived to place practicality and functionality at the top of their priorities, much like many women do when choosing the perfect bag for them. All of our bags are designed with the greatest care and attention to detail, combining feasibility with style and finesse to bring you a designer bag that serves a purpose and looks refined whilst doing so.

A woman’s lifestyle and comfort are at the heart of what we do, no matter whether we are designing dresses or bags. We know how important a functional bag is to a woman’s day to day life as well as her evening’s out, which is why our bags don’t compromise style and class to fit the practical brief. Our tote bags in particular are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a bag that suits their personal style, functional needs and day-to-day lives.

Cobal Bee Leather Tote Bag

Our bags can also match with our renowned dresses, allowing any woman to complete her look, whether she’s on her way to the office or meeting up with friends. From formal occasions to daily excursions, our bags and dresses allow you to feel confident, wherever you go.

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