As the start of the new year begins, most people will be making resolutions and planning their year ahead. If you’re looking for a new accessory to carry you into 2024 and beyond, our designer handbags at Jasper Conran London could be just what you need to complement your existing outfits and become your most practical asset throughout the seasons.

Darcey Leather Double Flip Cross Body Bag in Tan
Beatrix Leather Flap Messenger in Black

Quiet luxury is still a dominant aesthetic, with a focus on refined materials and sophisticated designs. At Jasper Conran London, our bags are designed to be timeless, making our unique designs the perfect choice for 2024. Our handbags also come packaged in chic monochrome dust bags, in boxes lined with elegant striped tissue paper, adding a more personal touch to your order.

In this guide, we edit our top ten picks for the new year, including evening bags, work bags and all-around functional designs that can accompany you day and night. We will also discuss the most important styles and sizes to look out for, as well as our favourite colours, and the benefits of choosing a designer handbag for your wardrobe.

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No matter which handbag you pick, Jasper Conran London has a vast range of chic, stylish designs that will be your friend throughout the seasons, complementing your dresses and helping you feel your very best.

How Do I Choose a Bag for the New Year?

A handbag reflects your personal style, and is often practical choice, working with how it will be used and what it will be worn with. No matter its use, a designer handbag from Jasper Conran London could be exactly what you need.

Dahlia Hobo Bag in Black

At first, you may consider the bag’s practicality and function before making your final decision. For instance, larger shoulder bags are the perfect choice for running errands or venturing into the office, whereas smaller statement bags are perfect for evening drinks with friends. Our gorgeous Dahlia hobo bags are perfect for casual day events such as shopping trips, with enough interior space to fit essential items such as your purse, keys and shopping items. Our Celia leather multi strap bag, on the other hand, is a more compact choice, making it ideal for formal dinners and date nights.

Another important element to consider is comfort; a bag should sit comfortably on your body, allowing you to feel good whilst out and about. Our quiet luxury hands-free cross body bags, such as the Darcey saddle bag, are a great option for everyday use, and won’t cause discomfort when worn across the body. This functional piece comes complete with a detachable strap for more freedom when holding your bag. This bag, amongst a wide collection of others, is made from durable leather, ensuring your bag lasts you for years to come.

Darcey Saddle Bag in Tan
Darcey Leather Hobo Bag on the Shoulder

Most importantly, your personal style is likely to influence which bag you choose for 2024, including your preferred style of bag, colour, and your existing wardrobe. We have a wide collection of modern, chic designer handbags perfect for all sophisticated women, guaranteed to complement your wardrobe come rain or shine. Our Darcey Hobo bag is a popular choice, available in tan and classic black to help you match your bag with any outfit. This versatile choice can assist you from day to evening, providing you with a gorgeous bag no matter the setting.

You can browse our full collection of designer handbags here.

Our Top Ten Bags for 2024

Darcey Hobo Bag

A staple of our Autumn/Winter collection, the Darcey hobo bag is a great choice when looking to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. This functional yet stylish shoulder bag is a must-have for 2024, and can accompany you into the office or to afternoon tea with friends. Finished with an exterior pouch for extra storage, our tan option looks ideal with our Esme cord full skirt shirt dress.

Darcey Leather Hobo Bag on the Shoulder
Darcey Leather Dome Cross Body Bag

Darcey Dome Cross Body Bag

This contemporary, luxurious dome cross body bag is a standout addition to our Darcey collection, with a smooth, sleek exterior and unique shape that is guaranteed to attract attention. The bespoke golden hardware adds a touch of class to an already formidable bag, and the adjustable straps allow you to wear this bag as you please, comfortably. For a classic look, consider matching this bag with our black Blythe full skirt shirt dress for a stunning ensemble that will make a statement at any formal event.

Darcey Double Flap Cross Body Bag

Our designer double flap cross body bag is the definition of quiet luxury; its two-flap design allows you to keep your personal items safe and secure, all the while creating an opulent silhouette that will compliment day-to-night styling. Its classic design makes it a great choice for silk materials, such as our Celia collection.

Darcey Leather Double Flap Cross Body
Darcey Leather Triple Section Cross Body in Black

Darcey Triple Section Cross Body Bag

For a conveniently practical yet effortlessly elegant handbag, our triple section cross body bag provides ample space whilst looking stylish. Its secure zip closure offers extra security when you’re out, and also comes with a detachable strap for ease of use. The external zipped compartment provides even more storage, and is finished with bespoke hardware to make this bag the perfect balance of form and function.

Darcey Saddle Bag

Finishing off the Darcey collection, this gorgeous saddle bag is perfect all year round; come rain or shine, this bag will make a statement and look effortless when paired with any outfit. This day-to-evening bag is perfectly sized to store your essential items, and comes in black or tan to not only blend in with the colder months, but to ensure you can rely on its look and practicality not matter the occasion.

Darcey Saddle Bag in Black
Bee Leather Tote in Tan

Bee Tote Bag

Tote bags are renowned for their accessibility and style, and have been a firm favourite amongst contemporary women for years. Our chic Bee tote bags won’t be going out of style anytime soon, available in camel and cobalt colourways to help you add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. Our Bee tote bag can be worn on the arm or shoulder to suit your preferences, and come complete with a bespoke fastening to add those extra finishing touches.

Dahlia Hobo Bag

All of our hobo bags at Jasper Conran London combine refined materials with functionality to create a bag that can accompany you on daily outings and trips to the office. Our Dahlia hobo bags are a must-have for your wardrobe, with two external compartments to not only improve storage, but add a stylish external look. The Dahlia hobo comes in dark navy and eye-catching mustard, ensuring you are ready for any occasion. This bag can match with a range of day or evening dresses, including our Ella Denim full skirt shirt dress.

Ella Denim Full Skirt Shirt Dress
Dahlia Scoop Bag in Black

Dahlia Scoop Bag

Our Dahlia scoop bags share a similar look with their hobo bag counterparts, but are slightly smaller in size and have a cross-body function which makes them a desirable hands-free option. Classy enough for the evening but versatile during the day, our Dahlia scoop bag’s sleek design can enhance any outfit, providing you with a chic accessory you can be proud of.

Celia Evening Bag

To ensure you stand out at a dinner party, wedding or other formal occasion, our Celia chain strap evening bag is available in red and black, with a glossy finish complete with a golden chain and bespoke hardware. The bag has been crafted with refined materials to display an elegant, regal look perfect for pairing with your most sophisticated dresses. You can match this designer handbag with our Eve silk-blend evening dress to create a gorgeous, comfortable silhouette.

Eve Silk-Blend Velvet Shirt Dress with Celia bag
Bryn Leather Tote Bag in Mustard

Bryn Tote Bag

For a larger tote bag that adds colour and personality to your wardrobe, our Bryn tote bags are available in green and mustard, complete with three compartments and zipped middle compartment for abundant storage. Our Bryn tote bags are perfect for the office, as they are large enough to fit your laptop, iPad, purse and more.

Handbag Colours That Last All Year Round

Choosing the perfect designer handbag for you is a big decision; however, your choice can easily be narrowed down once you choose the most desirable colour. Neutral tones such as tan and black are classic options and can pair perfectly with a plethora of gorgeous outfits, whereas brighter, bolder colours can easily make a statement no matter the occasion. Regardless which colours you choose, there are plenty of options to consider.

Dahlia Hobo Bag Inside view
Dahlia camera bag in green

If you’re looking for brighter colours to carry you through the new year, consider our Dahlia hobo bag in mustard. This gorgeous design oozes style and sophistication, and has a contrasting navy interior lining for a refined look that can be paired with both darker and lighter outfits. For a smaller bag to accompany you on nights out, our Dahlia camera bag in green is effortlessly graceful and can add a poop of colour to your day or night. Match this bag with our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in pink for a colourful ensemble.

Black and tan handbags are a popular choice due to their versatile appearance and classic designs. Black and tan accessories match with all kinds of outfits, from formal evening dresses to daytime looks. Our tan Dahlia saddle bag comes in a modern half-moon shape with adjustable straps that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. This bag can elevate any look, and can be paired with our Celia full skirt shirt dress in black. Alternatively, you can choose our Bee mini tote bag in black to pair with our new Esther Jersey scoop neck dress in black to create a classic, dignified look.

Tan Dahlia Saddle Bag
Esther Jersey Scoop Neck Dress in black

Colour is so important in your choice of designer handbag, which is why we have a vast collection at Jasper Conran London to help you match with any outfit. Our designer handbags are durable and stylish, allowing you to elevate any look for years to come with a handbag that will never go out of style. To find out more about our designer handbags, or to see how you can complement your existing outfits, you can read our previous style guides here.

The Benefits of Designer Handbags

Dahlia Saddle Bag close up view

Choosing a designer handbag is a smart investment, providing you with a handbag that will last for years to come.

When you buy a brand new designer handbag, it is an investment piece and you can be assured that it is guaranteed to augment any look; for instance, our Edie silk full skirt shirt dress looks elegant all on its own, but when paired with our Celia multi strap bag, an extra touch of class is added to an already gorgeous outfit to create an ensemble to remember. Designer handbags are crafted to make a statement, with timeless and contemporary designs that that can last you a lifetime.

Edie Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in red
Dahlia Three Section Cross Body in black

When comparing designer handbags to cheaper alternatives, designer options are a more sustainable alternative due to their longevity and durability. Designer handbags such as our collection at Jasper Conran London are designed to last for years; handbags such as our Dahlia three section cross body bag is made from 100% leather, making it a durable and versatile bag that you can take with you wherever you go.

Choosing Your Next Handbag at Jasper Conran London

At Jasper Conran London, we have a great collection of designer handbags guaranteed to make sure your 2024 is stylish and graceful. From compact camera bags to large shoulder and tote bags, we have your next handbag amongst our collection to help you enhance your outfits and add more functionality to your daily life. All of our handbags combine style and functionality to provide you with a bag that ticks all the boxes, crafted with refined, durable materials to give you a bag that lasts.

Jasper Conran gift wrapping
Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo in Tan

All of our handbags are lovingly packaged in monochrome dustbags and boxes lined with striped paper to add more class to your purchase. We also have a vast range of gorgeous designer dresses to match with your bag perfectly, giving you an altogether look you can feel good in.

To explore our full collection of designer handbags, you can visit us here.

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