Darcey Leather Hobo Bag on the Shoulder

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to buy your loved one a new designer handbag, not just for the occasion, but for years to come. Whether you’re looking to surprise your partner or show a friend or family member how much they mean to you, a designer handbag shows how well you know your loved one, and provides them with a practical yet stylish gift that will look good in all kinds of settings. As well as Valentine’s Day, there are various other springtime occasions just around the corner that could benefit from a chic designer handbag, such as Mother’s Day and Easter.

We have a wide collection of contemporary designer handbags here at Jasper Conran, from stylish tote bags for work and day-to-day errands, to compact yet sophisticated evening bags to make a statement on a night out with loved ones and friends. We also have a great selection of bags that are the ideal choice for a Valentine’s date, and can also be used throughout the years as a staple of your wardrobe. At Jasper Conran London, we believe that handbags should not only make you feel and look good, but should be a versatile choice that complements your outfit and provides a practical option that will never go out of style.

Darcey Leather Double Flap Cross Body in Black
Ella Denim Full Skirt Shirt Dress with Green Dahlia camera bag

In this guide, we will explore why a designer handbag would make the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, and the colours and style you may choose to suit the occasion. We will also discuss how you can ensure you are getting the most out of your brand-new handbag, and how you can pair our handbags at Jasper Conran London with our chic collection of dresses, perfect for any occasion.

Why a Designer Handbag Would Make the Perfect Gift for a Loved One

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a designer handbag could be just what your loved one needs to not only make a statement, but to provide a practical purpose too. By choosing a handbag you know they’ll love, in their preferred style and colour, you can show your partner just how well you know them, making Valentine’s Day even more special this year. Our chic Celia chain strap evening bag is the ideal choice for Valentine’s Day and future date nights, with a glossy red finish to present an exceptional look. Pair this bag with our Eve velvet full skirt shirt dress to create a statement look you can wear to special occasions.

Eve velvet full skirt shirt dress with Celia chain strap evening bag
Darcey Saddle Bag in Black

Handbags are one of the most stylish yet practical gifts you can buy, and can be used anywhere when paired with the right outfit. Our designer handbags at Jasper Conran London are a friend for your wardrobe, and are designed to last for years to come using durable, refined materials. Our Darcey saddle bags are the perfect example of a bag that can not only make a statement, but can serve you throughout the seasons, available in black or tan to match with your favourite outfits.

No matter whether your loved one is running errands on a weekend or visiting the office, a larger bag that can carry her essentials and more is a versatile gift that shows just how much you care. Tote bags and shoulder bags are great gifts and can be the staple piece of any outfit; our Darcey hobo bag in particular is a classic option available in black and tan to complement any everyday outfit. It comes complete with an exterior pocket for extra storage and zipped closure for security.

Darcey Leather Hobo Bag in tan
Beatrix Scoop Leather Cross Body in Black

You may also consider your loved one’s lifestyle before buying a bag, and determine which size and style will benefit them best. Handbags are a reliable gift, and will never go out of style, so choosing the perfect bag for your loved one all depends on their personal preference. For an everyday bag that can carry essential items and match with casual and evening outfits, our Beatrix scoop leather cross body bag can fit snugly at the side of the body, providing a chic, comfortable accessory.

All of our handbags come lovingly packaged in gift boxes perfect for any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Mother’s Day. You can browse our full collection of handbags here.

What Colours Should I Choose for my Designer Handbag?

When thinking specifically about Valentine’s Day, the occasion is associated with reds and pinks, symbolic of romance and love. However, when buying a bag as a Valentine’s gift, it won’t be predominantly used on Valentine’s Day, but will be worn throughout the seasons and years. When gifting a bag, whether it is for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or Mother’s Day, colour may be considered in line with your loved one’s personal preference and style.

If you want to present your partner with a Valentine’s gift that will serve them well on Valentine’s Day, our Celia leather multi-strap bag in red is a pleasing choice, with an eye-catching faux croc skin design and bespoke gold hardware. It also comes complete with detachable straps, allowing this versatile bag to be worn across the body or as a shoulder bag. Match this bag with our Edie silk full skirt shirt dress to create the perfect Valentine’s silhouette.

Edie silk full skirt shirt dress in red
Darcey Leather Dome Cross Body Bag in Black

Valentine’s Day isn’t just an opportunity to treat your loved one; you may also take the opportunity to gift your friends with a brand-new handbag to show your appreciation. A classic option to choose is a chic black handbag to complement their everyday and evening looks. Our Darcey dome cross body bag presents a smooth textured finish paired with a unique shape, helping to accompany any sophisticated outfit. The adjustable straps ensure this bag is a practical yet stylish option, and can be paired with our signature Blythe full skirt shirt dress in black.

If you’re looking to provide your loved one with a brand new bag, regardless of the occasion, neutral colours that are easy to pair with a range of cultivated outfits can be the perfect choice to show how much you care. Tan, black and camel handbags, such as our Bee leather tote bag, are great colours for all occasions, blending well with a variety of outfits, highlighting their versatility. Our Darcey double flap cross body bag is the perfect style and size for evenings with friends, no matter whether you’re out for a meal or meeting at the pub. Its double flap and zipped closure make it a safe, stylish choice no matter the season,

Bee Leather Tote in camel

Choosing a bag to give to a loved one can be a difficult task; with so many opulent choices, it can be hard to pick just one. To help you narrow down your search, you can read our previous handbag style guides on our insights page here.

What Style Should My New Handbag Be?

Dahlia hobo bags in mustard

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to not only buy a gift for your partner, but to also treat yourself and those around you. It is important to consider the style of handbag that will best benefit the person it is being bought for, to ensure they get the most out of their new accessory. Choosing the perfect style can not only contribute to your outfit, but can bring comfort and confidence wherever you go.

If you or your loved one prefers a larger bag for every day use with ample storage, our Dahlia hobo bags are a great choice. Complete with external pockets for extra space, these bags are available in navy and mustard, allowing you to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Our navy options look ideal with our purple Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress, combining complementary colours to create an elegant silhouette. Although this bag is ideal for day trips and visits to the office, it can add a touch of luxury to any outfit, allowing you or your loved one to make a statement.

purple Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress with Dahlia Hobo Bag
Dahlia Scoop Bag in Black

Everyday bags are a popular choice for a gift due to their practicality and versatility. A high-quality everyday bag can be used throughout the years, serving an important, stylish purpose no matter the weather. With our Dahlia scoop bags, you get the best of both worlds; a bag that looks chic and stylish during the day, but still possesses a classy look that can work in the evening too. The Dahlia scoop bag can be worn on the shoulder or across the body depending on your personal preference, and is available in black and tan to provide quiet luxury and to suit your style.

When choosing a bag style for an evening, such as a formal dinner or drinks with friends, a small statement bag could be just what you need to look and feel great. Most of us only need the essentials when out on an evening, so a smaller bag is the most practical option. In order to ensure this small bag makes a statement, consider our Celia chain strap evening bag in black, with a glossy finish and a sleek chain, presenting an effortless elegance perfect for any occasion. Match this bag with our Eve velvet full skirt shirt dress in black for a classic, sophisticated look.

Eve Silk-Blend Velvet Shirt Dress in Black
Eliza Silk V Neck Dress in pink

Our Celia evening bags are also the ideal option for special occasions and events, such as Valentine’s meals, weddings and parties. Their eye-catching design and classy look ensure they are the perfect accessory for your best, most refined outfits, such as our Eliza silk V neck dress.

Making the Most out of your Designer Valentines Handbag

If you’re looking to gift a bag for Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a new accessory, or simply want to treat a loved one no matter the occasion, a handbag doesn’t have to be stored away for one special occasion a year. They’re the perfect gift for all occasions and events, and some versatile bags can even complement your outfit day and night. To get the most out of your designer bag, there are various elements to consider.

The right handbag can last throughout the seasons; designer handbags are made using the most refined materials, with each handbag designed to last for years to come. Before buying your handbag, consider the materials used as they can influence their durability. Our Beatrix flap messenger bag, like most of our designer options, is made from 100% leather, making it a dependable and stylish option for daily errands, school runs and even formal occasions.

Beatrix Leather Flap Messenger in black
Dahlia Saddle Bag inside view

Handbags are one accessory that will never go out of style, especially our selection at Jasper Conran London. Our Dahlia saddle bags are perfectly designed to suit all personal styles, available in navy and tan to match a range of formal and casual outfits. This particular bag contains multiple pockets for extra storage, complete with an adjustable strap to elevate any look.

If you need a bag that not only provides extra internal space, but has plenty of pockets for smaller items too, our Baylee double pocket hobo has two external pockets with button and zip closure, providing both security and style. This chic bag is available in black with bespoke gold hardware, fashioned in a soft webbing for comfort.

Baylee Double Pocket Hobo

Pairing your Handbag with a Designer Dress

Once you know what bag you’re buying yourself or a loved one, why not choose an elegant new dress to match? At Jasper Conran London, we have a wide variety of classic dresses in a range of styles and colours, from exclusive black dresses to brighter tones to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. No matter which bag you choose, or the occasion, we have a designer dress to match.

Esther Jersey scoop neck dress in black

If you or your loved one prefers a classic, versatile black designer handbag that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit, our Bee leather mini tote bag pairs perfectly with our Esther Jersey scoop neck dress in black. This pairing creates an opulent silhouette perfect for formal meals out and more sombre occasions such as funerals. You can also add a Bee leather belt to elevate an already sophisticated look.

For a more neutral tone that still makes a statement on casual days out and shopping trips, our Darcey leather hobo bag in tan contrasts well against the white of our stylish Esme cord full skirt shirt dress. This ensemble is guaranteed to make an impact, and can be worn in both a casual and formal manner. This handbag is perfectly sized for your daily essentials, with both button and zip closure for extra security.

Esme cord full skirt shirt dress with
Blythe full skirt shirt dress in pink with Dahlia camera bag in green

Adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe can create a fun yet stylish look, especially as we enter the summer months. A brightly coloured bag could be the perfect gift for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, evoking a summertime feeling in your wardrobe. Our Dahlia camera bag in green presents a balance of practicality and sophistication, with plenty of internal space for your essentials both day and night. You can pair this bag with our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in pink to create a bright, colourful look that can carry you into spring and summer.

As well as our handbags, our designer dresses would make a great gift for your loved one, or as a treat to yourself. You can browse our full collection of designer dresses here.

Our Designer Valentines Handbags at Jasper Conran London

All of our designer handbags and dresses at Jasper Conran London are crafted with the modern, sophisticated woman in mind; our designs are perfect for formal and casual occasions, with unique designs and stylish colours to complement your wardrobe no matter the season. Handbags don’t just provide a practical purpose; they may match your personal style and enhance your look, which is why designer handbags are the essential choice for your outfits.

Jasper Conran Gift Wrap
Darcey leather hobo bag in black (on the shoulder view)

Designer handbags make great gifts for all kinds of occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and birthdays. By choosing the best style, size and colour, you can ensure your loved one receives the perfect bag for them. When paired with their favourite outfit, a brand new handbag can elevate any look, and provide a practical purpose whilst look chic and stylish. All of our bags come lovingly packaged in chic monochrome dust bags and boxes lined in elegant striped tissue paper to add an extra touch of class.

To find your next designer handbag, or to look for that perfect gift for your loved one, you can browse our collection here.

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