Wrap dresses have been a staple in women’s wardrobes for hundreds of years, with the concept and design originating in Central and Eastern Asia. The modern wrap dress gained popularity in the 1970s as a symbol of women’s liberation, freedom and youth. Since then, it has taken various stylish forms and appearances, incorporating different patterns and materials to make it the ideal dress for both casual and formal occasions.

Our wrap dresses here at Jasper Conran London come in different colours, patterns and materials to provide you with a dress that’s perfect all year round. Whether you’re looking for a new outfit to make a statement in the office, or you’re in need of a dress for a summer wedding, our stunning wrap dresses could be just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

In this guide, we will explore the versatility of the wrap dress, and how it can perfectly complement your wardrobe and personal style. We will also discuss how to style your new wrap dress, where you can wear it, and the different styles and colours that can be found. No matter your preference, we have the right dress for you at Jasper Conran London.

What Can a Wrap Dress Do for Me and My Wardrobe?

Having a designer wrap dress in your wardrobe can help you feel stylish no matter what occasion you wear it for. Wrap dresses are incredibly flexible, as they can be dressed up or down to suit your personal style. Choosing the right material is key when looking for a wrap dress for all occasions; a cotton wrap dress is a comfortable choice that doesn’t compromise style for practicality. Our Betsy cotton wrap dress in blue could be the perfect choice for both casual daytime activities such as summer parties and formal events such as weddings and evenings out.

Wrap dresses have been a popular choice for decades, and will continue to be a fashionable option for years to come. Their timeless design makes them a perfect choice for all seasons, events and occasions; our Betsy Kimono dress in choc floral pays homage to the earlier wrap dress designs, presenting a modern design for a contemporary woman’s wardrobe with a flattering belt that finishes off the look.

All of our designer wrap dresses at Jasper Conran London come with pockets for practicality and comfort, ideal for on-the-go women who need a flexible dress with the convenience of extra storage in the outfit.

When looking for a figure-flattering dress that accentuates the waist, the wrap dress could be exactly what you’re looking for. The tie waist, such as the one on our Celia silk full skirt shirt dresses, allows you to customise and adjust the dress to suit your figure, so it’s always a perfect fit. Paired with a V-neck line, the wrap dress is the optimal outfit when seeking to highlight your figure and make a statement in a dress that fits perfectly.

Designer wrap dresses are also appropriate for any age or season, making them the optimal go-to choice come rain or shine. Our Brit silk wrap dress in green, with a collar and elasticated waist detail, would look exquisite at a summer’s day garden party, or at a formal evening meal during the autumn months. The wrap style makes them much easier to wear, complete with the comfortable lightness of the silk.

All of our wrap dresses can be worn all year round, with a vast array of colours and patterns to suit any occasion. You can browse our full collection of designer wrap dresses here.

How Do You Style a Wrap Dress?

As wrap dresses can be worn day or night, no matter the occasion or season, they are incredibly versatile outfits, making them easy to style. They can be paired with stylish sandals for day trips to the beach, or with a heel for weddings. They can even be matched with pumps for a casual fit perfect for the office. Our cotton wrap dresses, particularly our Betsy in floral choc, are ideally suited to a day look, with side pockets for extra comfort that goes well with the airy cotton fabric.

In order to complete your look, adding a handbag or purse to your new dress can complete the outfit and enhance your ensemble. We have a wide collection of designer handbags here at Jasper Conran London that are perfect for any outfit, with chic, practical designs to really complement your dress. Our Betsy cotton wrap dress in blue looks stunning with our mustard Alexis crosshatch or the green Bee mini tote bag, allowing you to switch between a larger bag for work and a smaller bag for nights out.

Betsy cotton wrap dress in blue with green mini tote bag
Betsy cotton wrap dress in blue with mustard Alexis crosshatch bag

You can colour coordinate your outfit with our multi Betsy wrap dress paired with our Bee cobalt tote bag, with matching blue hues perfect for a day at the races. If you’re looking for an evening ensemble, we recommend our gorgeous Celia silk wrap dress for an effortless, classic look. Our pink Celia wrap dress provides an elegant pop of colour, and can pair well with our Bryn green leather tote bag for added colour as we approach the end of summer.

For a more professional, formal look, we recommend matching our Betsy Kimono with our tan Dahlia saddle bag; with bespoke hardware and an adjustable strap, this bag can elevate your look and sit in different places depending on your preferences. This pairing would be a great choice for evenings out on holiday, with a cotton fabric to keep you cool.

Mustard Celia silk dress

Wedding season is still upon us, and pairing our designer wrap dresses with a stunning bag can help you stand out from the crowd. For the last of the summer months, we recommend our elegant mustard Celia silk dress and our Celia chain strap evening bag to create a refined, sophisticated look.

If you’re looking for your next handbag to complete your wardrobe, you can browse our full designer handbag collection here.

Where Can I Wear My Designer Wrap Dress?

The beauty of designer wrap dresses is that they are perfectly suited to any occasion or season. They can be worn anywhere, no matter whether you’re at work, out for a family day trip, or visiting the theatre. We recommend different patterns, colours and materials for certain events to ensure you get the most out of your brand-new designer wrap dress.

Celia Silk full skirt shirt dress in purple

For evenings out and formal events, our silk wrap dresses are the optimal choice. Our Brit silk wrap dress in blue is a flattering yet fashionable design, with the softness and elegance of the silk presenting a light, stylish ensemble. If you’re attending a dinner party or you’re already on the lookout for next year’s Wimbledon outfit, our stunning Celia silk full skirt shirt dress in purple is a quintessential choice that can be worn all year round. All of our designer silk dresses are perfect for weddings, with darker colours providing the ideal transition into autumn.

If you’re looking for a daytime dress that you can wear to the beach or take with you on your holidays, our cotton wrap dresses are light and low maintenance, making them airy and comfortable on a hot summer’s day. All of our Betsy cotton wrap dresses are perfect for walks along the beach and day trips abroad, especially our multi-patterned Betsy wrap dress, with an eye-catching design guaranteed to make a statement.

As summer is still upon us, you may still be on the lookout for a short-sleeved dress to keep you cool in the sun. At Jasper Conran London, we have various long and short-sleeved designer wrap dresses perfect for walking and relaxing in the summer sun. All of our Betsy wrap dresses are short-sleeved and made from cotton, making them the perfect choice for the summer months. If you’re in need of a stylish dress to wear in the evening on holiday, our Betsy wrap dresses are exactly what you need.

The functionality of the wrap dress means that they are also perfect for the office. Wrap dresses can be worn as both casual and formal attire, with a combination of bold and neutral colours that suit their environment. Our Connie full skirt wrap dress in black is the perfect dress for a work setting, with long sleeves that can be rolled up to appear more casual. This designer wrap dress can also be paired with a mustard Agatha hobo bag to add a pop of colour.

No matter where you choose to wear your designer wrap dress, we’ve got the perfect style for you, with attention to detail paid to every design and finish. You can read more about our dresses and design process on our designer dress insights page.

What are the Different Styles of Wrap Dresses?

Celia silk full skirt wrap dress in pink

As well as being flexible and practical options, wrap dresses come in a wide range of styles and materials perfectly suited to different climates, occasions and settings. From lightweight cotton designs to stylish denim and silk, the material you choose can make a real difference to your wardrobe and comfort.

Our most popular wrap dresses are the Celia silk full skirt wrap dress and the Betsy cotton designs. The Celia boasts stunning, intricate attention to detail, especially in the beautifully covered buttons and flowing fabric. The removable obi belt makes this dress a comfortable choice that can be styled to your preferences, making it a perfect dress for day and night. The Betsy cotton wrap dresses are more suited to daytime looks, making them a casual yet elegant counterpart to the stunning silk wrap dresses.

Our designer denim wrap dress is a contemporary choice guaranteed to bring style and modernity to your wardrobe. Denim is an incredibly durable material that will ensure your dress will last, and its effortless design is bound to stand the test of time. Our Cornelia short-sleeved denim wrap dress is a stunning choice for day trips out and evenings abroad, and is the perfect outfit for transitioning into the autumn months. With its kimono style wrap bodice and the top stitching detail in the detachable belt, this dress can not only accentuate your figure, but can also be the statement piece in your wardrobe.

Full skirt shirt dresses are a staple at Jasper Conran London, especially our Blythe collection. Their timeless design is both comfortable and elegant, and is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. This full skirt shirt dress style is also incorporated into our Celia wrap dresses, merging the classic design with the flexibility and modernity of the wrap dress.

A popular alternative to the full skirt shirt wrap dress is the kimono wrap dress, which most closely resembles the design of the original wrap dress. Its shorter sleeves make it an ideal choice for summer, and our bold floral patterns here at Jasper Conran London can add a bright ambience to your wardrobe.

You can choose your next designer wardrobe by browsing our complete collection of designer dresses here.

Choosing the Best Colour for Your New Wrap Dress

The right colour can make all the difference to a new outfit. Certain seasons and occasions call for particular colours to make a statement and match with different bags and shoes. Our wrap dresses come in bright, bold colours and patterns to fit with the summery scenery, as well as darker hues to complement a formal night out and introduce the autumn months.

Mustard silk wrap dress
Celia silk wrap dress in purple

Our Celia silk full skirt shirt dresses come in bright, striking colours that will go perfectly with warm sunny days to help you get the most out of the remaining days of summer. Our pink and mustard silk wrap dresses will look flawless at a garden fete or afternoon tea, whereas the darker purple tones with help you stand out amongst wedding guests, and will even see you through into autumn.

Our mustard Celia dress will also look great with our tan hobo Beatrix scoop bag, aptly contrasting the brightness of the mustard with the neutral yet elegant look of the bag.

Betsy wrap dress in blue

As well as bold colours that will enhance any wardrobe, our wrap dresses also come in stunning patterns and multi colours that add a unique edge to your outfit. Our Betsy dresses come in either blue or choc floral, adding a sunny disposition to your daily look. These floral patterns will work well with the summer months, and can be worn for day and nighttime events.

If you need a dress that is more formal and professional, our Connie full skirt wrap dress is available in black and would make a great addition to your office attire. The traditional nature of the dress does not take away from its sleek style and refined look, meaning this dress can also be worn for evening meals and dinner parties. Pair this dress with our Celia leather multi-strap bag in black for an extra touch of sophistication.

Designer Wrap Dresses at Jasper Conran London

All of our designer wrap dresses at Jasper Conran London are intricately designed to suit sophisticated, modern women who wish to add a touch of finesse to their wardrobe. Comfort, practicality and beauty are at the heart of every dress we design, ensuring all women not only look good, but feel good too. Our wrap dresses come with pockets and a detachable belt for ease and satisfaction, with great attention to detail paid to ensure all women who wear them look their very best.

We incorporate a wide range of colours to suit all styles and preferences, ensuring you have a friend for your wardrobe that can accompany you on the school run and to the theatre. The daily lives and lifestyles of our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we ensure that our dresses can be worn for any event or occasion.

To browse our full collection of designer dresses, handbags and purses, please visit us here.

Some of these dresses are now part of our Summer 2024 sale, which you can browse here.

Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in pink

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