Emily Pintuck Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Black

Here at Jasper Conran London, we love a stripe and a print but sometimes a bold, vibrant plain coloured dress is all you need. Solid colour dresses are a great choice for anyone who wants a simple yet elegant dress without the desire for print or patterns. From brighter colours for weddings and evenings out, to darker tones for the autumn and winter months, a solid colour dress could be just what you need to enhance your AW style.

Our solid colour dresses at Jasper Conran London come in a range of styles and lengths perfect for any event. We have a lovely collection of bold and elegant styles perfect for adding versatility to your wardrobe. Our dresses are thoughtfully designed to be timeless and versatile making them the ideal addition to your wardrobe. From beautiful silk wrap dresses to our best-selling full skirt shirt dresses, you can choose a dress for the informal and formal events in your life.

Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Yellow
Emily Pintuck Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Purple

In this style guide, we will explore the various benefits of the solid colour dress, how to choose the best design for you, and the different styles available for you to choose from. We will also discuss our top colour picks, how to prepare for the upcoming autumn season, and why you should choose your next designer solid colour dress from Jasper Conran London.

What are the Benefits of a Solid Colour Dress? 

Eliza Silk V Neck Dress in Pink

There are plenty of advantages to having a plethora of solid colour dresses in your wardrobe. Brighter colours such as pinks, oranges and purples can attract attention, perfect if you’re looking for a dress to stand out from the crowd. Our stunning Eliza V neck silk dress is the optimal choice for adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe, complete with soft and sophisticated silk perfect for special occasions such as weddings and evenings out.

Darker, more neutral colours are primarily associated with sophistication and style. They’re a classic choice, and are incredibly versatile colours which can be worn to the office or for more formal events. Black, chocolate and nude colours create different looks for different seasons, and can be layered easily, highlighting their functionality. Our Emily pin tuck full skirt shirt dress in black comes complete with a half elasticated waist for comfort, and a satin weave cotton blend fabric that adds extra refinement to your look. Pair this dress with our Beatrix scoop leather cross body bag to complete the look.

Emily Pintuck Full Skirt Shirt Dress With Beatrix Bag in Black
Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Blue

As there’s only one colour to consider when working with these dresses, they’re much easier to accessorise and style. Matching bags and shoes with dresses can help you finalise your look to provide you with an outfit that you can wear to special occasions or for day-to-day errands. Our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in blue looks stunning with our tan Dahlia saddle bag, and is the perfect choice for adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe. All of our dresses can be worn with different types of shoes depending on the occasions, from pumps for a more casual look, to heels for evenings out and events.

Different colours represent different moods, and your solid colour dress can help reflect that. Bright, bold colours such as pink, yellow and purple signal joy and happy occasions, making these colours perfect for weddings, christenings and other joyful settings. Darker colours such as black and brown represent a classic, more formal look suitable for business meetings and fine dining experiences alike. You can browse our full collection of designer solid colour dresses on our website.

Bonne A-line Swing Dress in Black

How Can I Choose a Solid Colour Dress? 

Constance Needlecord Shirt Dress

Choosing the perfect solid colour dress for you all depends on your personal preferences, style choices and reasons for purchasing. For instance, if you need a versatile, practical dress for everyday use, you may be looking for a different style when compared to a formal evening dress. With the colder weather approaching, your choice of dress may be influenced by the changing of the seasons as you opt for different materials and lengths.

Longer sleeves are a great choice for autumn and winter, providing you with an extra layer of warmth for day and night. Our Constance needlecord shirt dress is the perfect choice for colder weather; the needlecord fabric is notable for its durability and warmth, keeping you comfortable when the temperatures drop. The sleeves can also be rolled up to suit your preferences. This dress also comes with a detachable belt for flexibility and comfort.

Ella Denim Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Blue
Ella Denim Full Skirt Shirt Dress

All of our designer full colour dresses and Jasper Conran London are full length, creating a silhouette that works come rain or shine. Their length can provide extra protection from the cold weather, but certain materials such as silk are breathable and light for warmer climates. Our Ella denim full skirt dress is perfect for autumn walks and visits to festive markets; not only can it keep you warm, but its side pockets and detachable obi belt make it a practical choice too. You can style this dress with our navy Dahlia hobo bag for a classic autumn look.

Often when choosing a new dress, you need shoes that will match the style and the occasion. If you need a day dress for a stroll through the park or shopping trips, you can match our Cyd denim shirt dress with a white trainer or plimsoll for a laid back casual look. For evenings out, our stunning Celia silk dress in purple can be paired with black heels for a refined look; you can match this dress with a jacket for an extra layer, and add our Celia leather patent chain strap evening bag in black.

Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Purple
Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Choc

All solid colour dresses need a bag to match, no matter whether the dress is reserved for special occasions or will be worn in everyday life. We have a wide collection of designer bags perfect for any setting and occasion, with plenty of internal space and compartments for practicality and storage. Our black Dahlia camera bag is perfect for evenings out, with bespoke golden hardware for a unique look. This functional bag pairs well with our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in choc, presenting matching colours perfect for autumn. You can view our full collection of designer bags on our website.

What are the Different Styles Available?

There are various different styles to choose from when looking for a new designer dress, each with qualities perfectly suited to your taste. From short and long sleeve options to full skirt and wrap dresses, you can choose your next autumn dress and Jasper Conran London.

Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Black
Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Purple

Our staple full skirt shirt dresses are a perfect option all-year-round, and are best matched to all seasons. A friend for your wardrobe and a familiar dress when you’re looking for stylish yet informal day wear, our full skirt shirt dresses come in four separate designs; Ella, Emily, Blythe and Celia. The Blythe is our most established dress, available in a range of different colours to suit any occasion and season. Our purple Blythe full skirt shirt dress is a desirable option for autumn, but it has the flexibility to be a part of your summer wardrobe too.

Our Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress in purple is a chic alternative to the Blythe with beautifully intricate details. You can pair this dress with our navy Dahlia saddle bag, perfect for elevating any look, day or night.

Emily Pintuck Full Skirt Shirt Dress
Eliza Silk V Neck Dress in Pink (back View)

V neck dresses can create a subtly alluring design. They are a great option for evenings and formal occasions, and a designer solid colour option is enough to draw in attention. Our Eliza silk V neck dress comes in eye catching pink to make a statement amongst the neutral colours of autumn. The colder seasons shouldn’t be a reason to hide away the brighter colours; match this dress with our green Alexis flap over body bag to combine two stand out colours that create the perfect statement outfit.

As mentioned, needlecord is a great fabric for autumn/winter dresses. It is not only light to wear, but has warm properties to keep you comfortable when the temperatures drop. Our Constance needlecord shirt dress is a elegant option for everyday wear that still looks stylish and refined

Constance Needlecord Shirt Dress in Blue (side view)
Cyd Denim Shirt Dress (back view)

Our solid colour Edie silk full skirt shirt dress is a winning style for evening events, with classic, designer silk qualities that are hard to miss. For a warmer look, we also have the Cyd denim shirt dress, with durable qualities that can last for seasons and years to come.

Our Bonne A-line swing dresses come complete with short sleeves, split skirt detailing and a V-back design for an elegant look that can accompany you to fine dining experiences and evening autumn weddings. Our S is a great way to welcome autumn by transitioning your wardrobe to darker tones.

Bonne A-line Swing Dress in Blue

Choosing the Perfect Colour for your Dress 

Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Choc colour

Chocolate, black, navy and mustard tones mix well to create a classic autumnal palette, this doesn’t mean that you have to move your bright summer colours to the back of your wardrobe. Solid colour dresses can help you complete your seasonal look in a simple yet refined way, complete with gorgeous styles and practical designs. Vibrant dresses such as the Eliza in purple and the Blythe in blue are perfect choices, adding more colour to your autumn/winter wardrobe.

Our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in brown is the optimal choice for an autumn day look, with style and materials that can even be used all-year-round. The Clemence collared A-line dress is also a classic option that can be worn to the office and on the school run.

Clemence Collared A-Line dress With Obi Belt in Black
Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Yellow (Front View)

As the autumn nights roll in, the colder weather approaches too. Colours such as mustard and yellow are not only a great choice for autumn, but they can provide an air of warmth to contrast with the colder temperatures. The Celia silk full skirt shirt dress in yellow can draw attention in any room, and is a great choice for night-time occasions.

You can find out more about our various dress styles, materials and colours in our previous designer dress guides.

Preparing for Autumn: How to Get the Most Out of Your Solid Colour Dress 

It isn’t just the weather and the colours that are changing in autumn, the types of events we attend are changing too. Wedding season is coming to an end, with less need for wedding guest dresses, but the demand for occasion wear will never lessen. Therefore, most women will be looking for new dresses for the upcoming events and parties that autumn has to offer.

Connie Full Skirt Wrap Dress in Black
Agatha Saddle Bag in Green

As autumn draws in, trips to the pub for a Sunday roast or walks with friends in the countryside become more popular. Our Connie full skirt wrap dress in black is the perfect option for these casual gatherings, allowing you to attend in style and add a seasonal flair. This bag can match perfectly with our green Agatha saddle bag, adding a touch of autumnal colour to your outfit.

Autumn also marks the start of seasons and events such as harvest festivals and bonfire night, presenting an opportunity for mustard, chocolate and purple tones. Our Ella denim dress is a great choice for autumn walks. highlighting warmth and welcoming autumn in a dress you can wear into the winter months. If you’re attending a bonfire this year, consider our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in green to match with the colourful fireworks displays.

Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Green
Ella Denim Full Skirt Shirt Dress (side view)

It’s time to swap the lighter materials for more thermal options, which is where our denim and needlecord options fit in nicely. You can find out more about our autumn collection here.

Dress Colours at Jasper Conran London 

No matter your preference, we’ve got the perfect designer solid colour dress for you at Jasper Conran London. From brighter tones to darker hues, you can pick your next perfect designer dress based on your preferences, personal style and upcoming occasions.

Constance Needlecord Shirt Dress
Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Pink

PinkFor autumn, we recommend our chocolate, black and mustard dresses for everyday wear and day events, but you can still add a pop of colour, such as green or blue, to your formal and evening wear. You can also add a bag to your outfit to complete the look, adding a stylish option for practicality and keeping your personal items safe.

All of our solid colour dresses here at Jasper Conran London are designed to suit the modern, on-the-go women, crafted with refined materials and elegant designs to provide you with a dress that is a friend in your wardrobe for life. Lifestyle, comfort and beauty are at the forefront of every dress we design, ensuring each dress is suited to your needs. All of our dresses can be worn all year round, with timeless designs that don’t have an expiration date.

To prepare for autumn, you can choose your next designer solid colour dress at Jasper Conran London.

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