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With the new year and season, there are always new emerging trends in the design world. These trends are often fleeting. However, at Jasper Conran, trends are never at the forefront of our design process. Our focus lies in timeless, elegant pieces that will always be a joy in your wardrobe. At Jasper Conran London, we’re proud to be a trend-free brand, focusing on long-lasting sophisticated fashion that complements your wardrobe and can be worn throughout the seasons.

As we leave January behind and enter late Winter and early Spring, materials such as denim and needlecord make for comfortable, stylish dresses that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. As spring approaches, chic silks will be the perfect choice, especially for springtime occasions such as graduation ceremonies and weddings. We also have a varied collection of designer bags to match your outfits perfectly, allowing you to create the perfect ensemble.

Darcey Saddle Bag

In this guide, we will discuss the qualities of the designer dresses at Jasper Conran London, as well as the ideal colours and materials for the year ahead. We will also explore the different spring occasions that your brand-new dress can stand out at, as well as the different handbags that can help you complete your ensemble.

Are Dress Trends Important in 2024?

Every year and season, various fashion trends are established, highlighting what is, and what is predicted to be, popular. Many trends define years and decades, but others are short-lived, and can be left and forgotten in the wardrobe. Although following trends may set up your fashion choices for the year, choosing designs that stand the test of time and never go out of style can benefit you throughout the years, and be the staple outfit in your wardrobe.

Blythe full skirt shirt dress
Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in pink

A trend highlighted by various fashion brands involves “quiet luxury,” a concept that Jasper Conran London has been cultivating for years. Quiet luxury is defined as emphasising high-quality fashion pieces that are timeless without the need for bold patterns and logos. Our full skirt shirt dresses embody this view, crafted with refined materials to create a sophisticated look. Our staple Blythe full skirt shirt dresses are available in various colours, from classic black to eye-catching pink. This versatile dress can be worn with the sleeves rolled and the collar popped up, and it pairs wonderfully with our Bee leather mini tote bag in black.

For another quiet luxury look that can accompany you to formal events and dinners with friends, our Eve silk-blend velvet dress is a stylish choice, providing a comfortable yet elegant silhouette perfect for weddings, christenings and spring graduation events. This classic choice pairs beautifully with our Celia chain strap evening bag, available in both red and black.

Eve Silk-Blend Velvet Shirt Dress
Darcey Leather Hobo Bag in Black

Pairing your outfit with a designer handbag is a trend that will never go out of style; matching handbags are not only a popular fashion statement, they’re also a practical option for keeping your belongings safe and secure. Larger bags, such as our Darcey leather hobo bags, are perfect for casual daytime outfits, but they are versatile enough to complement your evening dresses too. These bags are available in classic black or tan to match with an array of styles and colours.

If you’re looking for a dress that never goes out of style and meets your fashion needs no matter the season or current trend, our designer dresses at Jasper Conran London are timeless pieces that will serve you for years to come. You can view our full collection of designer dresses here.

What Colour Dress Should I Choose for 2024?

There is no specific colour palette that you should follow when entering the new year; however, different tones and hues match certain occasions and seasons, which is important to be aware of when choosing your next dress. Classic colours such as black and white are ideal choices all year long, but brighter hues such as purple and pink are perfect as we enter spring.

Esther Jersey scoop neck dress
Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress in black with Bee Leather Scoop Shoulder Bag

For a chic dress that combines elegance with versatility, a black dress is the friend for your wardrobe. Black dresses suit any setting, from trips to the office to drinks with friends. Our Esther Jersey scoop neck dress is understated yet sophisticated, and is the perfect dress for formal events such as evening dinners to more sombre occasions like funerals. For an everyday look that has the versatility to blend in with evening attire, our Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress in black presents a beautiful silhouette with an elasticated waist for comfort. Pair this dress with our Bee leather scoop shoulder bag to complete the look.

Darker tones are considered a versatile option when choosing a colour for your new dress, as they are often easier to accessorise and layer. Our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in choc is a great everyday dress, perfect for running daily errands or visiting the office. No matter the season, this dress is designed to impress, as well as keep you comfortable and stylish throughout the year. Denim is also a great choice for an everyday look; a durable yet stylish material, our Ella denim full skirt shirt dress comes equipped with pockets and a removable obi belt to suit your style.

Blythe full skirt shirt dress in choc

Printed and patterned dresses have always been a popular choice throughout the years, with 2024 being no exception. Dresses such as our Emma full skirt printed wrap dress are ideal for closing out the winter months; our choc floral option presents a warm, stylish ensemble, intricately designed to look perfect from day to evening. If you’re looking to prepare your wardrobe for the spring and summer months, our Eden printed Georgette shirt dress in purple is made from a lightweight viscose georgette fabric, allowing you move with ease and comfort.

As spring approaches, bolder, brighter colours may be making their way to the front of your wardrobe. Bright colours are the perfect choice for the warmer months, with eye-catching styles and designs to make a statement no matter the occasion. Our Eliza V neck silk dress is available in a remarkable pink, suitable for spring events such as the beginning of wedding season. For another brighter choice that will be the staple of the spring and summer season, our Celia silk full skirt shirt dress in mustard would look perfect when contrasted with a darker toned bag, such as our Darcey double flap cross body bag.

Celia silk full skirt shirt dress in mustard

Combine Style and Practicality with Designer Materials

As we enter 2024, the days and nights still have a chill in the air, highlighting that warmer, more durable materials will still be a popular choice for a few more months to come. Materials such as denim and needlecord will also come in handy as we re-enter autumn and winter, ensuring they won’t get lost in your wardrobe once summer approaches. As the weather gets warmer, lightweight materials such as silk and cotton are a more suitable choice.

Esme cord full skirt shirt dress in White with black Bee leather belt

As we close out the colder months with brighter days ahead, purchasing a brand-new designer needlecord dress can not only keep you comfortable and warm until spring, but won’t go out of style by the time next winter comes around. This dress is the perfect choice for complementing your wardrobe for future winters, and is the ideal choice for catching up with friends and family at the pub. You can pair our Esme cord full skirt shirt dress with our black Bee leather belt to complete the look.

Another winter fabric that is both stylish and practical is denim; as durable as it is fashionable, denim is a great material for dresses worn in the colder months. Like needlecord, denim can be worn throughout the winter months for years to come; it is a great choice for day-to-day dresses, allowing you to make a statement when at work or performing your daily errands. Our Cyd denim shirt dress has a tailored fit, with pockets and a detachable belt for comfort, style and practicality.

Cyd denim shirt dress
Edie Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Red

When approaching the warmer seasons of spring and summer, fabrics such as silk are a popular choice due to their light properties and elegant look. Silk is a fashionable material perfect for evening and occasion dresses, bringing a touch of refinement to any setting. Our Edie silk full skirt shirt dress is available in a gorgeous red, with a half elasticated waist to combine comfort with style. For a classic black dress that looks and feels great, our Celia silk full skirt shirt dress is a wonderful choice perfect for special occasions and family gatherings.

You can discover more about our designer silk dresses on our insights page.

Preparing for Spring: Choosing your Next Daytime and Occasion Dress

Spring presents an array of occasions and opportunities to wear your favourite dress. Special events are the perfect excuse to make a statement and ensure you look your very best throughout the day and night. If you’ve been invited to a spring wedding, a new designer dress could be just what you need to look effortless and sophisticated. Our Bonne A Line swing dress is a classic option for weddings and christenings, available in a range of colours to suit the event and your style. The short sleeves make it a perfect option for spring and summer, allowing you to feel comfortable whilst looking your best.

Bonne A Line swing dress in Green
Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress in Purple

Spring also marks the start of graduation season, with events happening across the country. If you or your loved one is graduating, a new designer dress can help you look elegant, creating memories to savour. Our Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dresses are available in black and purple, ideal if you wish to go classic or add a pop of colour to your special day. You can match our purple Emily with our Dahlia saddle bag in navy to create a complementary silhouette.

The spring calendars have various dates and events which may require a brand-new designer dress; Aintree Ladies Day and The Grand National take place in April, so why not make a statement and look gorgeous in a new designer dress from Jasper Conran London? Our Eliza silk V Neck dress is a bright, refined option for special occasions such as the races, with an eye-catching design which is perfect for drawing attention.

Eliza silk V Neck dress in Pink

Matching your 2024 Dress with a New Designer Handbag

Once you’ve chosen your next dress, you may want to consider choosing a designer handbag to elevate your style and complement your outfits. No matter where you wear your dress, a bag will always come in handy to store away your personal items, as well as help you look the part. From larger tote bags to more discreet yet stylish evening bags, you can browse our full collection at Jasper Conran London.

Darcey leather hobo bag

If you’re looking for a bag that not only exudes elegance and refinement, but is big enough to store your everyday belongings, our Darcey leather hobo bag comes complete with an external pocket for extra storage, with button and zip closure for security. Our Darcey hobo bag comes in both classic black and tan variations; our black option blends well with our Esme cord full skirt shirt dress in white for a beautifully contrasting look.

If you want to add some colour to your 2024, we recommend pairing our green Bee mini tote bag with our signature Blythe full skirt shirt dress in blue for a spring look that can accompany you to any event. Whether you’re out for a spring walk with your family or going for brunch, this combination is guaranteed to serve you well and make a statement. This dress also looks good with our Dahlia saddle bag in tan, perfect if you want to add a classic touch to your colourful outfit.

Blythe full skirt shirt dress in blue with Dahlia saddle bag in tan
Eden printed Georgette shirt dress with Celia leather multi strap bag in black

Printed dresses are a great choice for adding interest to your spring wardrobe, but adding a designer handbag could elevate the look even further, providing you with a complete outfit you can wear when out with friends or attending a wedding or christening. Our Eden printed Georgette shirt dress looks perfect when paired with our Celia leather multi strap bag in black; this uniquely designed bag presents beautiful texture with bespoke gold hardware to provide you with a sophisticated look.

For an evening look that will be a friend in your wardrobe for years to come, our elegant Eve silk blend velvet shirt dress is a chic outfit that pairs perfectly with our Celia chain strap evening bag in black or red. The red option can add a pop of colour to a classic dress, with a glossy finish and a sleek chain that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. The Celia evening bag in black can match with any formal dress in a variety of colours, making it a versatile choice no matter the occasion.

You can view our full collection of designer bags here.

Eve silk blend velvet shirt dress with Celia chain strap evening bag in red

Step Into 2024 with Jasper Conran London

Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in White

At Jasper Conran London, all of our designer dresses and handbags can carry you into 2024 and beyond, with styles that stand the test of time and don’t need to follow fleeting trends to look effortless. All of our dresses complement the modern, contemporary woman, no matter if she is taking a trip to the office, out with family or out at an exclusive, formal event. Our dresses and bags are designed to not only complement each other, but provide comfort and practicality to your everyday life.

Each dress is crafted to last for years to come, perfect for any season. To find your next day-to-day or evening dress, you can view our full collection here.

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