Bryn Leather Tote Bag in blue

Silk dresses can create an elegant silhouette perfect for formal dinners, special occasions and events such as the races or Wimbledon. To complete your timeless look, why not pair back with a designer handbag that is thoughtfully designed to sit back perfectly with the dress,

When deciding on the perfect accessories and bags for your new silk dress, consider the size, colour and style of the dress, creating an endlessly wearable silhouette that will be a timeless piece in your wardrobe. Our designer dress and handbag looks at Jasper Conran London are designed to outlast the seasons, ensuring you have an outfit that will serve you no matter the occasion. From casual days out to formal evenings with friends and loved ones, our dresses and handbags are created to last so you can wear now, and wear always.

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What Accessories Can Match with a Silk Dress?

Elevated accessories are key to styling a silk dress. For a touch of refinement, a statement evening bag could be all you need to complete your look. Along with bold colour hats perfect for weddings and events such as Ascot, ensuring you make a statement and elevate your silhouette. Our hand-crafted Belts can also pair perfectly with dresses.

Darcey medium leather purse

Clutch bags and purses are a compact choice for a subtle yet elegant touch to any outfit. Our Darcey medium leather purse can replace a handbag if you want a smaller yet stylish addition to your day or evening look. For a larger handbag that can double as a cross-body bag to suit your preferences, our Darcey leather double flap cross body bag comes complete with detachable straps, providing you with a practical yet classic bag for your wardrobe.

For a classic look that effortlessly transitions from day to evening, consider matching our Filomena silk full skirt shirt dress with our Francine leather chain clutch bag for a summer look that can accompany you to garden parties and events such as the Chelsea flower show alike. This combination would also suit a second or third wedding perfectly, helping you feel effortlessly elegant on your big day.

You can view our full collection of designer accessories, such as handbags, purses and belts, on our website here.

Filomena silk full skirt shirt dress with Francine leather chain clutch bag

Which Bags are Suitable for a Silk Dress?

Once you’ve chosen a silk dress to elevate your wardrobe, opting for a designer handbag that matches with your style and serves a practical purpose can serve you throughout the seasons and years. At Jasper Conran London, we have an array of leather handbags perfectly suited and reverently designed to match with your silk dress.

Celia silk full skirt shirt dress in black

Francine Grab Tote and Chain Clutch

Our Francine collection was made for formal occasions and sophisticated attire, complementing and elevating all evening silk dresses. Our Francine top handle grab bag is perfectly compact, with a poppered front opening and zipped internal compartment for extra storage. Match the black variant of this bag with our Celia silk full skirt shirt dress in black for a classic silhouette. If you would prefer a hands-free option that doesn’t compromise on style, our Francine leather chain clutch bags are available in black, cream and silver to suit your preferences.

Bee Grab Tote

Although larger bags are essential for daytime errands and trips to the office, for evening and occasion silk dresses, smaller bags are the better option, as they can elevate a look whist providing a compact space for your essentials. Our Bee mini grab cross body bag has a detachable strap to suit your style, allowing you to hold your bag close or go hands free. With a bespoke silver clasp and plenty of internal space, the Bee mini cross body bag in red can pair with our Edie silk full skirt shirt dress for a match made in heaven.

Bee mini grab cross body bag
Bryn tote bag

Bryn Tote

It isn’t just smaller evening bags that can accentuate the elegance of a silk dress; larger tote bags, in their various colours, could provide the much-needed accessory your wardrobe has been seeking. Our Bryn tote bag is crafted from luxurious leather, making it the ideal material to match with elegant silk fabric. The Bryn tote bag is available in an array of vibrant colours, from zesty yellow to soft blue, perfect for summer.

Dahlia Shopper Tote

Silk dresses can easily transition from day to eveningwear, and don’t have to be reserved for special occasions. You can wear them for family days out or trips to the beach, where they can be effortlessly paired with our Dahlia shopper tote bags. With two fashionable outer pockets, this bag is a contemporary choice for the modern woman; our green Dahlia shopper bag can match with our pink Celia full skirt shirt dress to add a touch of summer to your wardrobe.

Dahlia shopper tote bags in Gtreen
Dahlia three section cross body

Dahlia Three Section Cross Body

For a versatile cross body bag that can be worn on the shoulder and match with any style and colour of dress, the Dahlia three section cross body bag ticks all the boxes. Available in black, tan and blue, our Dahlia cross body bag can complement any outfit, casual or formal, with bespoke branded hardware and an adjustable strap that offers a stylish and secure way to carry your essentials. Match our tan option with our Flora A-line silk dress in navy for a chic everyday look that can easily serve you in the evening.

Darcey Hobo Bag

Our Darcey leather hobo bags in black and tan are a classic choice when curating an elegant everyday look. They’re an essential accessory for a modern wardrobe, and can match with our silk collection effortlessly. They’re a flexible choice for visits to the office as well as drinks in the pub with friends, and can pair with our darker dresses, such as the Emma full skirt printed silk wrap dress.

Darcey leather hobo bags
Celia Chain Strap Evening Bag

Celia Chain Strap Evening Bag

A popular choice at Jasper Conran London, our Celia chain strap evening bags are available in glossy red and black, guaranteed to help you make a statement, no matter whether you’re out for dinner or enjoying a day at the races. Our black Celia evening bag has a contrasting wine coloured interior and a golden chain to add extra refinement, and can match elegantly with our Eliza silk V neck dress.

What Considerations Should I Make Before Choosing a Bag?

When choosing a new designer handbag to match with your silk dress, there are particular decisions you need to make to ensure you get the most out of your new accessory. Designer handbags come in a range of colours, styles and sizes; some are suitable to a particular occasion or formality, whereas others have the versatility to serve you no matter the season.

Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo in black
Francine top handle grab bag in green

When considering the colour of your new handbag, think about your preferences as well as when the bag will be used. Neutral tones such as black and tan are ideal for practical handbags that will match with any outfit, whereas brighter coloured bags are best suited for spring and summer, adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe. For instance, our Beatrix leather scoop hobo in black can pair with any silk dress, such as our Celia in black, whereas our Francine top handle grab bag in green can be the ultimate summer accessory.

Evening bags and those reserved for formal occasions are usually smaller, carrying the essentials whilst elevating your look, creating an effortless silhouette. Everyday bags tend to be larger, with plenty of internal space for any items necessary for running errands. Our Darcey leather dome cross body bag is the ideal versatile bag; it is not only a perfect choice for everyday use, but is small enough to complement your occasion wear, with the ability to accompany you to a summer wedding or a day at the races.

Darcey leather dome cross body bag in Black
Francine chain clutch bag collection

Style and occasion are especially important when choosing your next designer handbag. Graduations, the Henley Regatta and Ascot all require a sophisticated, classic look that can be completed with the perfect handbag. At Jasper Conran London, we recommend our Francine collection to augment any formal dress. Our Francine chain clutch bag collection, available in black, silver and cream, is the perfect hands-free choice, with a chain that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body for extra security.

You can browse our designer silk dresses here to find the perfect ensemble for you, no matter the season or occasion.

How Can I Create a Cohesive Look with a Silk Dress?

Creating a coordinated look with a silk dress and designer handbag is easily done, especially with our versatile, refined collections at Jasper Conran London. Elegant silk dresses can match with any chic handbag, whether you’re taking a day trip with family or attending a family graduation ceremony. You can view our Occasions section on our website to create your perfect formal look.

Emma Full Skirt Printed Silk Wrap Dress
Darcey saddle bag in black.

For a look that can benefit you throughout the years and seasons, implementing effortless beauty and sophistication into your wardrobe, consider matching our Emma full skirt printed wrap dress with our Darcey saddle bag in black. One of our more versatile combinations, the Emma silk dress and Darcey saddle bag provide the ultimate everyday look that can transition fluently into an evening ensemble that is bound to make a statement.

Although silk is a cultivated fabric with classic properties, it is also a comfortable and lightweight option for day dressing. Whether you need a new outfit for the office or need a wardrobe staple that will benefit you on day trips out, a silk dress with a designer handbag to match is the perfect choice. Our Flora A-line dress in green and navy displays a unique print and shorter sleeves, ensuring this dress is perfect for summer strolls in the park or along the beach. This dress can even be your go-to outfit when on holiday, and both dresses can match with our Bee leather tote bag in green.

Flora A-line dress in green
Fleur silk full skirt shirt dress in purple

Silk is the ideal fabric for an evening dress; its unmistakable sheen and classic features make it the optimal choice for occasions and formal evenings, and a designer handbag can complete the ensemble. Our Fleur silk full skirt shirt dress in purple can be worn to formal dinners, Wimbledon and summer weddings alike, and can even make an appearance during the colder months too, ensuring it is the most versatile yet designer option in your wardrobe. Pair this dress with our Darcey leather dome cross body bag for an extra touch of elegance. The dome shape and bespoke golden hardware ensure this bag will be a stand-out, unique addition to your wardrobe.

Designer Handbags and Silk Dresses at Jasper Conran London

Our designer silk dresses and handbags at Jasper Conran London were thoughtfully designed to be worn together, our design teams worked alongside each other to create the elevated looks.

with a wide collection of styles and colours for you to choose from to create the perfect silhouette. From larger bags for everyday use to smaller yet impactful evening bags, our refined collection suits the modern women who appreciate a touch of refined elegance in their wardrobes.

To view our full collection of designer handbags, you can visit us on our website here.

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