Bryn Leather Tote Bag Designer shopper bag

A designer shopper bag is a must-have staple to any wardrobe. Effortlessly stylish shopper bags, including shoulder bags and tote bags, are perfect for everyday trips to the shops, and even daily errands such as the school run and trips to the office. This versatility makes them the ideal bag for daily outings; they’re also available in practical, hands-free options to make day-to-day life much easier. At Jasper Conran London, all of our designer shopper bags and shoulder bags are designed with the modern, on-the-go woman in mind, with each detail tailored to ensure the bag is always her go-to choice.

Our designer shopper bags at Jasper Conran London come in a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit you and your wardrobe no matter the occasion. We have a variety of contemporary bags to suit the upcoming spring and summer months, all of which display quiet elegance and versatility, allowing them to be utilised at both casual and formal events. We also have a chic collection of purses and clutch bags to match with your new shoulder bag, such as our new Italian Edit range, as well as staple dresses that can enhance your wardrobe even further.

Bryn Leather Tote Bag (inside view)

What is a Designer Shopper Bag?

Bryn Leather Tote Bag in Blue

A shopper bag is a practical yet stylish option that has the versatility to match with a range of casual day outfits. Designer shopper bags aren’t just for shopping trips, they can accompany you on work events, trips to the office and other daily errands. Most women look for a bag that is both functional and stylish, and shopper bags fit the bill. Although a shopper bag is a style of its own accord, large shoulder bags and tote bags can still pass as a chic everyday bag.

At Jasper Conran London, our practical yet elegant Bryn tote bag is the perfect combination of form and function. Its chic light blue exterior and bespoke foiled logo make it the perfect bag for the sophisticated shopper, with plenty of interior space for your purse, laptop and other essentials. This bag can match with a range of our casual day dresses, such as the Clemence collared A-line dress, creating an ensemble fit for the office.

Clemence Collared A-Line dress With Obi Belt

Shopper bags have various attractive qualities that make them the ideal bag for various uses. Shopper bags, shoulder bags and tote bags are generally hands-free options, making them a practical choice for your day-to-day errands. They come in a range of different sizes too, so you can choose the perfect option for you. Our shopper, shoulder and tote bags at Jasper Conran London are the perfect size and shape for carrying your necessities safely wherever you go, all the while presenting a fashionable look.

What Style of Bag Should my Shopper Bag Be?

Although a designer shopper bag has a style of its own, there are various other designs that can class as a shopper bag. The style you choose depends on a number of factors, such as your personal preferences and how the bag will be used.

Bryn Leather Tote Bag in Navy

Tote Bag

A stylish option for both casual days and formal nights, designer tote bags are a great choice when you want a little extra space in your bag. Tote bags are accessible and practical, with designer options adding that extra touch of elegance to complete any look. Designer tote bags in particular are a durable option that can last you for years to come, available in a range of colours and matching the seasons. Their reusable nature makes them a great choice for day trips and evenings out alike, and can also accompany you to formal events such as graduations. Our Bryn leather tote bag in navy is perfect for spring, and can add a pop of colour to any ensemble. Match this bag with our Flora A-line silk dress in navy to create a blended silhouette.

Shoulder Bag

For a bag with plenty of different styles to choose from, a shoulder bag is a great option for a designer handbag that pairs comfort with effortless style. Shoulder bags are easy to access for your convenience and rest comfortably at your side, providing a bag you can take anywhere. There are many different types of shoulder bags that can suit your personal preferences, available in a range of different sizes to suit your outfit and the occasion. Our Brielle 3 section shoulder bag is available in vibrant mustard, and can contrast beautifully with a darker dress, such as our Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress in black. This combination would make a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Brielle 3 Section Shoulder Bag in Mustard
Darcey Leather Hobo Bag on the shoulder

Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are incredibly popular shoulder bags that tend to be crescent shaped, allowing them to fit snugly at your side. They’re perfectly sized and hands-free, allowing you to pack your necessities with ease. We have a wide collection of hobo bags at Jasper Conran London, including our Darcey leather hobo bag, available in neutral tones such as black and tan. This bag comes complete with a fashionable outer pocket for extra storage; you can match this bag with our Esme cord full skirt shirt dress and large black zip around purse to stand out from the crowd at any occasion or event.

Scoop Bag

If you’d like a smaller shopper bag that provides you with a discreet yet statement accessory to complement your outfits, a scoop bag could be just what you need. Their smaller size makes them ideal if you only want to store essential items like your purse and keys; our Beatrix scoop bags at Jasper Conran London come with an adjustable strap for security and bespoke soft gold hardware for an extra touch of elegance.

Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo in Tan

What Features Make a Great Designer Shopper Bag?

Dahlia Hobo Bag being carried

When out shopping, or spending your day out and about with family or friends at a May Day event or village fete, a designer shopper bag ticks all the boxes. Its size and practicality make it the perfect everyday bag, but its style and design make it appealing for making a statement no matter where you go. The majority of our shopper and shoulder bags here at Jasper Conran London are made from 100% leather, making them a durable option that can serve you throughout the years and seasons.

Although most shopper bags are larger in size, they can also come in smaller options to suit your needs. Our Dahlia hobo bag in navy is the perfect choice for a large bag that makes a statement and can paired with a range of different looks, including our knitwear and two-piece collections. For a smaller shopper bag, you can stick with our Dahlia collection and opt for our sophisticated Dahlia scoop bag in either black or tan. Complete with two exterior pockets, they’re a smaller replica of our Dahlia hobo bag, allowing you choose the best size for you.

Dahlia Scoop Bag in Black
Carmen Nylon Shopper Tote Bag in Black

The most practical aspect of designer shopper bags is their ease of access. Most come with button or zip fastenings, for quick and easy access to your essentials when you’re on-the-go. A great shopper bag will also include interior and exterior pockets for more storage to help you get the most out of your brand-new designer bag. Our staple Carmen shopper bag provides multiple compartments both inside and outside of the bag, helping you keep smaller items such as your phone safe and secure.

When looking for a new designer shopper bag, consider your own personal comfort; whether you prefer to wear a bag on your shoulder or in the crook of your elbow, a good bag should not be uncomfortable to carry. You should also consider a lightweight bag, so you won't be weighed down when shopping. Our Bee leather tote bags are a practical and stylish choice, with a bespoke fastening and three internal compartments to provide you with a uniquely functional piece. This bag is the perfect size and weight for an everyday bag, and can become the chic friend in your wardrobe.

Bee Leather Tote in Camel

What Materials Should my Designer Shopper Bag Have?

Hobo Bag

Although the materials you wish your designer shopper bag to have depends on your personal preferences, there are various fabrics that can benefit your new bag in different ways. Considering the best material for you will help you match your bag with your favourite outfits, and provide you with an accessory that will last for years to come.

BrynLeather is always the perfect choice for a designer bag; good quality leather ages well and is built to last, so your bag can be your go-to choice for work and leisure no matter the year or season. Leather is a beautiful, contemporary material that can make any bag stand out, with luxurious qualities that can make a statement no matter where you venture. Leather is also easily repairable and recyclable, as well as long-lasting, making it a sustainable choice.

Bryn Leather Tote Bag in Mustard
Beatrix Scoop Leather Cross Body in Black

Most of our shopper bags here at Jasper Conran London are made from 100% leather, ensuring effortless style and durability in all of our designs. Our Bryn tote bags exude sophistication, available in a mustard tone to blend with the spring and summer months. For a bag that can accompany you on both shopping trips and evenings with friends, our Beatrix scoop cross body bags are a practical hands-free option that can keep your belongings safe and look chic whilst doing so.

As well as a stylish exterior, designer shopper bags should have a soft, comfortable interior to add to the sophistication of the bag. Our Darcey hobo bags have a leather suede interior for a luxurious feel; this fabric is also a flexible option, making it the perfect choice for our bags.

Darcey Leather Hobo Bag in Tan

What Can my Shopper Bag be Used For?

Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in White

Designer shopper bags are perfectly designed for their namesake; they’re the ideal bag for shopping sprees and days out with the family, with plenty of interior space for not only your essentials but any items you may buy too. They not only provide a practical purpose when out shopping, but they look great too, especially with our more casual dress options such as our staple Blythe full skirt shirt dress.

Shopper bags, tote bags and shoulder bags aren’t just designed for venturing out to the shops, they’re an incredibly versatile option if you need an everyday bag for trips to the office. Shoulder bags such as our Brielle 3 section bag are perfectly sized to fit your laptop or tablet, with extra room for your purse and make up. The mustard tone of this bag would match perfectly with our Daria broderie A-line dress in white for a summery look that can accompany you to the office.

Brielle 3 Section Shoulder Bag
Flora A-line Silk Dress

Daily errands and the school run also call for a functional yet stylish designer shopper bag to help you stand out from the crowd and complement your existing look. Our Beatrix leather scoop bags are perfectly designed to fit comfortably at your side, presenting a hands-free option that makes those daily errands much easier to carry out. Our black Beatrix leather scoop bag looks ideal with any outfit, such as our Flora A-line silk dress in green.

Some shopper bags can double up as a stylish evening option, especially when meeting friends for drinks or attending a formal dinner. One of our smaller shopper bags, such as our Dahlia scoop bag, is perfect for matching with formal and evening attire alike. You can pair this bag with our Celia full skirt shirt dress in black, as well as our new zip coin purses or wallets. You can view our new Italian Edit, complete with brand new zip clutches, purses and travel wallets, here.

Dahlia Scoop Bag (inside view)

Designer Shopper Bags at Jasper Conran London

Bryn Leather Tote Bag with Pink Dress

Our collection of designer shopper bags at Jasper Conran London exudes sophistication and confidence, helping you look and feel your best no matter the occasion, season or weather. We have a wide variety of different styles, sizes and colours available to help you choose your next handbag, whether you’re preparing for the warmer months or looking for a bag that will serve you all year long.

Our handbags are thoughtfully designed to be a lasting staple in your wardrobe, made from the most refined materials to provide you with a durable yet stylish handbag for everyday use. We also have a wide collection of smaller bags perfect for formal dinners and evenings out. For a smaller bag that can complement your day and night attire, consider our brand new Francine range for a look you can be proud of.

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