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With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for their loved ones is on everyone's mind. Designer handbags are timeless, classic gifts that can be used and enjoyed throughout the years, regardless of the season. Handbags are investment pieces that will always come in handy and never go out of style. If you’re looking for a new bag for your loved one, or you’re considering asking for a new designer handbag for Christmas, consider our vast collection at Jasper Conran London.

Each of our bags is thoughtfully designed and crafted with the modern, sophisticated woman in mind. We have a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours available, from smaller evening bags to chic tote bags for everyday use. All of our bags also arrive beautifully packaged in monochrome dust bags, with the option to add a personalised, handwritten note for an extra thoughtful touch this Christmas. If you’re looking for your next stylish evening bag, or you need a designer everyday bag that can accompany you to work, our collection of elegant bags would look perfect under your tree this Christmas.

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Alexis Leather Crosshatch Cross Body in Black

In this complete gifting guide, we will explain why a designer handbag is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one or as a treat to yourself, and how you can choose a thoughtful, well-received gift. We will also highlight our hero handbags at Jasper Conran London, as well as how to choose the best stocking fillers to match your new handbag, and which materials work best.

Why a Designer Handbag is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Celia Leather Patent Chain Strap Evening Bag in Red

When it comes to Christmas gifts, handbags are a stylish, practical choice. Some people will know exactly what they want, and will point their loved ones in the right direction when it comes to gift giving. Others may like a surprise, and trust their friends and relatives to buy them the next perfect bag. No matter whether you’re choosing a bag for yourself or someone else for Christmas, there are various qualities to look out for when choosing a designer handbag.

Handbags make wonderful Christmas gifts due to their longevity and functionality. Everyday bags in particular can be carried to work, on errands or can be used on days out with the family. They can fit all of your daily essentials, and can even complement your outfits come rain or shine. Our Darcey leather hobo bag is the perfect example of an exemplary day bag; it is available in black or tan leather, and comes complete with an external pocket and zipped middle compartment for extra storage and security.

Darcey leather hobo bag in Black
Darcey dome cross body bag in black

Our Handbags are designed with modernity in mind, but are not trend-driven which ensures they don’t out of style, making them a great Christmas gift for on-the-go women. Most people need a bag, whether they’re looking for a stylish, more compact evening bag or a larger daytime bag. They also come in a range of hands-free styles, providing a practical option that fits snugly under the arm or around the body. Our elegant Darcey dome cross body bag presents a unique look and is a classic addition to any outfit, perfect for both day and evening use highlighting its versatility.

Designer handbags are also a great finishing touch for any outfit. From daytime, office attire to more formal partywear, a sophisticated handbag is a friend for your ensemble and can keep all of your essential belongings safe in the process. When choosing a bag for Christmas, consider its use and the types of outfits it will be paired with. For instance, our Bee mini tote bag in black can match perfectly with our Esme cord full skirt shirt dress; this elegant combination can also create the perfect silhouette for winter nights at the pub or perhaps for carol concert

To keep up to date with our collection of brand-new handbags and dresses, you can visit us here.

Esme Cord Full Skirt Shirt Dress in White

How Do I Choose the Perfect Handbag?

Celia Leather Multi Strap Bag in Red

When looking for a handbag for yourself or someone else, it is important to consider a variety of elements to ensure you purchase the perfect bag. Personal preference, as well as the handbag’s size, style and colour, will all factor into your final decision, so it is important to know what to look out for to ensure you pick the perfect gift.

Handbags are gifts to be cherished, and the ideal option can complete someone’s Christmas. Therefore, it is paramount to consider the personal style of the loved one you are buying for. If you’re looking for a bag for yourself that a loved one can gift you, consider which style of bag would suit you best, and how it can complement your outfits. For a modern, sophisticated choice, our Celia multi strap bags present a faux croc look with three internal compartments for extra storage. Our red option is the perfect choice for the festive season, but can be worn all year round for both casual and formal occasions.

Celia Leather Multi Strap Bag in Black Croc
Eve silk-blend velvet shirt dress in Black

If you have some evening dresses you want to showcase at a party, wedding or formal dinner but don’t have the perfect accessory to accompany it, then an elegant, chic bag for Christmas could be exactly what you need. Evening bags are one of our specialities at Jasper Conran London, with various colours and styles for you to choose from. Our Celia chain strap evening bag’s high shine and chic texture make it the perfect gift for Christmas; pair this bag with our Eve silk-blend velvet shirt dress to make a statement on an evening out with friends.

Colour is important when choosing a handbag; a woman’s wardrobe needs to be considered, as well as her personal preference and where the bag will be worn. Classic tones such as black and tan are timeless choices, and can suit every event and occasion. Our tan Beatrix leather scoop handbag is perfect for daily errands and casual drinks with friends, whereas our Celeste croc toaster cross body bag in black is the ideal evening bag for New Year’s parties. To fit the festive theme, consider a red option such as our Celia multi strap bag to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

Our tan Beatrix leather scoop handbag
>Darcey saddle bag in Black

There are various different styles of handbags that can provide multiple benefits to a woman’s day-to-day life. Hands-free options such as shoulder bags and cross body bags are a practical choice, and can fit comfortably when out and about. Our Darcey saddle bag is a sophisticated, functional piece complete with concealed pockets and integrated compartments to provide you or your loved one with a practical bag they can use day and night.

To choose the perfect bag for you or your loved one this Christmas, you can view our full collection here.

Celeste croc toaster cross body bag in black

Designer Handbags for Christmas: Our Top Picks

Here at Jasper Conran London, all of our handbags are created to the highest quality, using refined materials and intricate designs to create dignified bags that will last for years to come. If you’re looking for a designer handbag as a Christmas gift, here are our top picks this festive season.

Darcey leather hobo bag in Tan

Our Darcey Range: Hobo, Saddle and Cross-Body Bags

Our new Darcey range is available just in time for Christmas, with a vast collection of gorgeous bags that don’t compromise style for functionality. Our Darcey leather hobo bags would make the perfect work bag, but it can also be matched with stylish outfits, such as our Celia silk full skirt shirt dress in black, for events and occasions.

Cross-body bags are a popular choice due to their practicality and versatility. Our Darcey double flap cross body bags are perfect for day and night styling, and even come with a detachable handle to suit your preference, and bespoke hardware to add a unique touch to this gorgeous bag. You can find out more about designer cross-body bags in our previous guide here.

Darcey double flap cross body bag in Black
Alexis Leather Croc Grab Tote Bag in Black (side view)

Alexis Tote Bag

If your loved one needs an everyday bag that they can take to work or on the school run, the Alexis croc grab tote bag is the ideal choice. This spacious bag has multi pocket storage and adjustable buckle straps for comfort, complete with golden hardware and a polished finish for a sophisticated look.

Celia Evening Bags

For the perfect nighttime bag that your loved one can take to formal events such as weddings and theatre trips, or even for evening meals and drinks, the Celia chain strap evening bag ticks all the boxes. It is effortlessly elegant, with chic contrasting purple interiors for a premium look. The classic golden chain enables the bag to be worn on the shoulder or across the body, complementing any gorgeous, formal outfit.

Celia Leather Patent Chain Strap Evening Bag in Red
Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo in Tan (inside view)

Beatrix Scoop Bags

The scoop bag design has the modern, on-the-go woman in mind; they fit snugly under the arm, providing comfort, security and natural versatility. Our Beatrix scoop bag is ideal for winter walks and day trips with the family, and can evening accompany you to evening drinks and events. Our tan Beatrix scoop bag matches perfectly with our lighter-toned dresses, such as our Esme cord full skirt shirt dress.

Bee Mini Tote

If you or your loved one would prefer a handbag that can be held rather than worn on the shoulder or around the body, our Bee mini tote bag is the perfect choice for carrying the essentials and making a striking statement. Our green Bee mini tote bag is perfect for the festive season, with a bespoke fastening and effortless style just in time for Christmas. You can find out more about tote bags in our detailed guide here.

Bee mini tote bag in Green
Ada Leather Saddle Bag in Black (side view)

Ada Saddle Bag

When looking for a bag that possesses both stylish and functional qualities, our gorgeous Ada saddle bags match perfectly with any formal or casual outfit. It is the perfect everyday bag that will also fit in with your evening ensembles. The Ada saddle bag has a deceptively roomy interior with an exterior zip leading to an extra compartment, perfect when you need easy access to your items.

Dahlia Hobo Bag

Our Dahlia collection ranges from compact yet eye-catching camera bags to practical scoop bags with extra external compartments, each with its own unique features. Our Dahlia hobo bags are a contemporary choice and provide impressive internal space in a minimalistic form. They come complete with an external pocket and zip compartment, providing you with a unique, sophisticated look. The Dahlia hobo bag is available in navy and mustard; our navy option pairs perfectly with our Ella denim full skirt shirt dress.

Ella Denim Full Skirt Shirt Dress

Matching our Bags with your Stocking Fillers

Once you’ve found the perfect bag for you or your loved one, consider matching your designer choice with a thoughtful stocking filler to add an extra touch of affection this Christmas. Perfect examples of the ideal stocking filler include perfume, purses and belts, all of which can be found here at Jasper Conran London.

Darcey Leather Double Flap Cross Body Bag in Black

Buying your loved one a purse to match with their new designer handbag can complete the gift and provide them with an accessory that not only has a practical purpose, but looks the part too. Our Darcey medium leather purse matches perfectly with our Darcey double flap cross body bag, with both presenting an almost identical design for consistency and elegant harmony.

Our gorgeous Bee purses are available in a range of colours; our small cross hatch purses can fit perfectly in our mini tote bags, whereas our large Bee purses are ideal for our regular Bee tote bags. You can match our Cobalt Bee leather purse with the Bee tote bag of the same colour for matching Christmas gifts, or you can opt for the green Bee mini tote for a mix of colours that will truly make a statement.

Bee Leather Cross Hatch Small Purse in Cobolt
Red Celia Croc Large Purse

For a festive themed purse that exudes sophistication and style, our Celia leather croc purse in red can match perfectly with our Celia multi strap bag, with a modern faux croc-skin exterior to attract attention. This bag can match with our gorgeous Edie silk full skirt shirt dress to present a festive look that can also be worn all year round.

Our larger day bags, particularly our tote bags and hobo bags, are large enough to fit various stocking fillers, such as notebooks, bottles of perfume and makeup. You can find our full collection of stocking fillers here.

How to Choose the Best Quality Handbag

When purchasing a bag for Christmas for your loved one, you’ll need to find a beautiful designer bag that can stand the test of time. All of our bags at Jasper Conran London are timeless choices that will never go out of style, crafted to perfection using refined materials and bespoke hardware.

Our leather bags are durable and stylish, and are perfect for the winter months. Leather also looks effortless during the summer, making it the perfect material for bags that can be used throughout the year. Our Darcey dome cross body bag takes a unique shape and presents a smooth leather look, providing a contemporary bag that would look great as a Christmas gift. This bag would look ideal with our Eden printed Georgette dress.

This dress is now part of our Summer 2024 sale, which you can browse here.

Darcey Leather Dome Cross Body Bag in Black
Darcey Leather Triple Section Cross Body

Our Darcey triple section cross body bag presents a more traditional leather look, and would suit any daytime look perfectly. It is the perfect balance between form and function, made to the highest quality with three separate sections for practicality and storage. It also comes complete with an external zip pocket for more security over your essential items.

A premium handbag will last for years to come, and will be made of durable materials and fastenings to avoid damage and quick wear and tear. All of our bags are made with exceptionally high standards, as well as bespoke hardware and fastenings to keep your bag looking immaculate for years to come. A perfect example is our Alexis grab tote bag, with a high shine exterior and bespoke golden hardware to make a statement in both the day and evening.

Alexis grab tote bag in Black

Choosing a Christmas Handbag with Jasper Conran London

Jasper Conran Wrapping with Label

All our handbags at Jasper Conran London are lovingly crafted to suit any contemporary woman, with practical yet stylish handbags for daytime use and trips to the office, to elegant, eye-catching evening bags that will truly make a statement at any formal occasion. Each bag is crafted using refined materials, with details such as detachable and adjustable straps to make you comfortable and suit your style.

Perfect for Christmas, our handbags are beautifully packaged in stylish monochrome dust bags, placed in boxes lined with striped tissue paper, adding an extra special touch this Christmas. You can also add your own handwritten message to your Christmas gift, providing a more personal flair this Christmas season.

You can browse our full collection of designer handbags here to find the perfect gift for Christmas.

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