Edie Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Red

Curating your summer holiday wardrobe can often be overwhelming. Whether you're strolling along cobblestone streets in a charming European town or basking in the sun on a tropical island getaway, you are likely to want to feel laid back, yet stylish. When choosing a designer dress for nighttime strolls along the beach, evening drinks or even a beach wedding, silk dresses are a joyful option. Not only is it a chic, stylish choice, it’s also a lightweight option for warm summer nights, and a compact outfit when packing.

No matter whether you need an elegant evening dress or a destination wedding dress, our collection of designer silk dresses at Jasper Conran London are an excellent option. Our holiday style guide can show you how you can make your silk dress work for you on holiday, why silk is the perfect option for hot weather, and how you can transition your dress from day to evening wear. We will also guide you through our endlessly wearable styles of silk dresses that can accompany you on your next holiday abroad.

Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Yellow

How Can I Look my Best on Holiday?

Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Mustard

When taking a trip abroad, you want to look your best as well as feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Silk dresses are a stylish option, instilled with a grown-up elegance that can benefit you no matter where you choose to venture abroad. Silk dresses have the versatility to look good during casual evening strolls and trips to local restaurants, as well as events such as beach weddings.

When on holiday, consider vibrant, playful colour patterns to help you get the most out of your summer attire. Our Celia full skirt silk dress in yellow is a bold option for beach holidays, carefully refined to provide ultimate versatility and elevation. The zesty yellow hue can ensure you stand out on your holiday, and will contrast beautifully with our Francine top handle grab bag in black.

Francine Top Handle Grab Bag
Relaxed Zip Clutch

Smaller handbags, clutch bags and purses are ideal for matching with your contemporary evening outfits and holiday dresses; their compact size makes them the better choice for packing, and they’re guaranteed to complement your outfit. All you need on a warm summer’s evening when abroad is the essentials, and our relaxed zip clutches can make a statement whilst keeping your belongings safe. You can match our pink zip clutch with our pink Celia dress to create a bold, stand-out combination that will serve you for years to come.

Although silk is a beautifully refined fabric, it can be delicate, so make sure you avoid placing your silk dress at the bottom of your suitcase to avoid creases and indentations, and hang up your dress as soon as you arrive in your hotel.

You can view our full collection of designer silk dresses here.

Eliza Silk V Neck Dress in Pink

Is a Designer Silk Dress Good for Hot Weather?

With an effortless feel and lightweight properties, silk is an essential fabric for summer dresses and holiday garments. Our silk dresses at Jasper Conran London provide a contemporary day-to-evening silhouette that you can wear at home and abroad, giving our dresses a permanent place in your wardrobe.
Flora A-line Silk Dress in Green

Silk is exceptionally lightweight and breathable, ensuring you are comfortable when walking, relaxing and dancing in hot weather. Our Flora A-line silk dress in green is the quintessential choice for your holiday evening wear, with a signature print and bold colour palette that is bound to stand out during a city visit or an exotic break away. Its lightweight feel and detachable belt provide this dress with much-needed practicality in warm weather, and it can be matched with a small heel or pump to complete the look.

Silk is known to be a natural temperature regulator, which is why it is a firm favourite in designer, sophisticated dress choices. It has the ability to maintain body temperature during warm summer nights; even as the temperature drops, it can retain heat, creating an enduring style that can last throughout the seasons. Silk is ideal when choosing a destination wedding dress; our Filomena silk full skirt shirt dress is perfect for your big day, with an exemplary silk shine and breathable properties to help you look elegant and feel comfortable. Match this dress with our Francine leather chain clutch in cream to complete your look on your big day.

Filomena silk full skirt shirt dress in Cream

Despite its delicate appearance, silk is a strong, natural fibre material, ensuring your designer silk dress will be a friend for your wardrobe for many years. Silk holiday dresses will stand the test of time and never go out style, so you can take your new dress all around the world with you, wearing it on boat trips, city walks and evening beach strolls alike.

How Do I Transition a Silk Dress from Day to Evening Wear?

A designer silk holiday dress, although seen to be more suited to a formal nighttime setting, has the versatility to be worn during the day too, especially to events and special occasions. During the day, a sophisticated silk dress can help you stand out and make a statement, but can also be paired with a designer handbag and heel to accompany you during the evening too.

 Fleur silk full skirt shirt dress in Purple

If you are looking for a beach wedding guest dress, our Fleur silk full skirt shirt dress is a chic option, and can be paired with a refined hat and sandal to complete the look. Available in striking purple, this dress can also be your-go to choice for a graduation dress or Ascot attire, and would blend in perfectly during the evening when matched with a handbag such as our Darcey medium leather purse.

During the day, your silk dress could be worn when dining out or attending a boat party, with the sleeves rolled up for extra comfort. Our Eliza V neck silk dress in pink is a stand-out summer outfit, with a bold, vibrant colour pattern to get you into that much-anticipated summer feeling. You can pair this dress with our Celia chain strap evening bag, adding an extra touch of elegance to an already timeless design.

>Eliza V neck silk dress in pink
Celia Leather Patent Chain Strap Evening Bag

All of our silk occasion dresses at Jasper Conran London can be elevated with our designer handbags, available in a range of colours and styles to suit you.

What are the Different Styles of Silk Dresses for Holidays?

There are various silk holiday dresses that can not only add a designer feel to your summer wardrobe, but can help you feel your best no matter the occasion.

Our silk full skirt shirt dresses are a best-selling pick, especially during the spring and summer months. Our silk dresses can stand the test of time and are even ideal during the winter too, with mixed colour pallets to help you dress for the occasion. Our vibrant summer collection, such as our Celia full skirt shirt dresses, are perfect for summer holidays, and can be styled to suit any formal occasion under the summer

Celia full skirt shirt dresses in Blue
Florence printed short sleeve wrap dress

Designer wrap dresses are a must-have during the summer, with a practical wrap-around function to help you stay cool and comfortable in the humid environment when abroad. Our Florence printed short sleeve wrap dress is ideal for beach holidays and city breaks alike. With a unique pattern and short sleeves, this is the ideal dress to help you stand out from the crowd whilst staying cool in the sun. For a classic summer design, consider our Flora A-line dresses, both adorned in a signature print to add a unique, elegant touch to your holiday attire.

Bold colours and vibrant patterns are a must for any summer holiday; light coloured clothes not only reflect heat to keep you cool, but they also portray a fun, sunny atmosphere that helps you feel good in what you’re wearing. Our Edie full skirt shirt dress in classic red is ideal for summer occasions and even as a beach wedding guest dress, providing you with a contemporary alternative to event dressing.

Edie full skirt shirt dress in classic red

Silk Dresses from Jasper Conran London

Our designer silk dresses at Jasper Conran London are the ideal choice for your summer holidays, no matter whether you’re attending a wedding abroad or simply want to feel refined and elegant whilst soaking up the sun.

You can browse our full collection of summer silk dresses here.

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