Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Photographers, editors, bloggers, hair stylists, models and designers are all placed under the spotlight for this latest exhibition ‘From Catwalk to Cover – A Front Row,’ at The Fashion and Textile Museum, London.

Knowing more than many about the process, we headed over to the FT Museum this week to take a look. Focusing on the work of four well-known fashion photographers: Kristin Sinclair (who also curated the exhibition), Matthew Lever, Philip Meech and Chris Moore the exhibition highlights the key elements of a contemporary fashion show, from behind-the-scenes to outside street style, along with the rising importance of new technology.

The exhibition is split into various different sections which includes The Front Row, looking at the association between designer and celebrity ‘ambassador,’ to Model Style, which analyses the role of a model and how their look encapsulates the direction of a collection. It also traces the origins of the catwalk show, from fashion parades which took place in the Couture Houses of 19th Century Paris to the modern day. We particularly liked the giant, oversized images of lips and eyes taken from backstage.

Photographs are interspersed with clothing from a selection of design houses, along with quotes from designers, buyers and journalists outlining their experiences. Our favourite milliner Stephen Jones said: “I am always backstage. The adrenaline is amazing; placing the hats just-so, tweaking a veil, shoving in another flower, crossing my fingers and prayng that my confections don’t fall off!”

The Fashion and Textile Museum said the idea behind the exhibition is to give an insight into the “often chaotic world which makes up the glamorous fashion shows we see on TV and in magazines.”

A must-see exhibition for anyone interested in the fashion industry.