Emma Full Skirt Printed Silk Wrap Dress

With the changing of the seasons comes the need to edit our wardrobes and possibly swap the lighter fabrics for some thicker, warmer pieces. However, autumn also introduces different events that present the opportunity to wear your finest dresses and make an eye-catching statement. With this in mind, lighter materials such as silk can still be worn to create an elegant, effortless silhouette that doesn’t compromise practicality.

Luxurious, lighter materials can also be layered to keep that designer look, all the while keeping you warm against the chill autumn air. Our timeless designer dresses at Jasper Conran London are a friend for your wardrobe no matter the season; our refined silk dresses can be layered in the winter months, emphasising their wearability through summer and into autumn. Our materials are stylish and durable, providing you with a statement dress that can be worn through the years, and will never go out of style.

Constance Needlecord Shirt Dress in Blue
Edie Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Red

In this guide, we will discuss our top picks for autumn, paying attention to their stunning materials and distinctive designs. We will explore how you can prepare your casual and formal wardrobes for autumn, our favourite dresses in the Jasper Conran London collection, and how you can style and wear your lighter dresses to get the most out of them in the winter.

How Can I Prepare My Wardrobe for the Autumn Season?

As we delve deeper into the crisp, cool autumn months, many of us are moving our summer clothes to the back of our wardrobes and bringing out our warmer dresses. It’s time to swap our sandals for boots and pull out the big coat we haven’t worn in months, but that doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to our stylish dresses until the weather gets warmer again.

A classic, beautiful dress should never have to wait for the perfect season to come around. You should be able to enjoy your dress, no matter the season; our collection of contemporary dresses are made from premium fabrics and are designed with style and practicality in mind, making them a stunning go-to choice all year round. We have a wide array of dresses in a range of colours and materials that are the optimal choice for autumn, but can still make a statement in spring and summer too. Our Eden Georgette shirt dress is a great choice for cosy nights in the pub or for roast dinners with the family, available in a seasonal chocolate style to blend in with the autumnal surroundings.

Eden Printed Shirt Georgette Dress in Choc
Emily Pintuck Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Black

The autumn colour palette involves darker tones such as chocolate, green and orange, with brighter yellow tones still having that seasonal effect. We have a stunning collection of dark, full colour dresses to make a statement on a formal night out or even an elegant choice for an All Hallow’s Eve party. Our Emily pintuck full shirt skirt dress is a gorgeous choice, beautifully constructed with a satin weave cotton blend fabric and half elasticated waist to match comfort with style. Match this dress with our Bee leather scoop shoulder bag to complete the look.

You can also introduce prints to your wardrobe to add a unique touch to your overall autumn style. Our Emma full skirt printed silk wrap dress features an intricately designed choc floral pattern to create a subtle yet seasonal silhouette perfect for visits to art galleries and family get-togethers. This dress is a reimagining of our bestselling Celia dress and also comes complete with a removable belt to suit you.

Emma Full Skirt Printed Silk Wrap Dress
Esme Cord Full Skirt Shirt Dress in White

Warmer fabrics are always a must when it comes to autumn and winter, but even thin materials can be layered with a roll neck or coat to keep you warm. Materials such as velvet and needlecord are not only warming, but they’re a premium, classic choice for more formal dresses that won’t compromise style for comfort. Our new collection of Esme cord full skirt shirt dresses are available just in time for autumn, with their “winter white” design ensuring you are ready for cosy nights with family and friends.

To view our full collection of brand-new designer dresses just in time for winter, you can visit us here.

What Fabrics and Materials Work for Dresses in Autumn?

In autumn, the temperatures start to drop and there’s a noticeable chill in the air. Keeping warm whilst maintaining a stylish appearance is a priority for a lot of modern women, especially when attending events, celebrating special occasions or even just venturing into the office. At Jasper Conran London, we pay particular attention to the materials we use in our dresses, ensuring they are comfortable and fashionable throughout the seasons. However, we know that some materials are better suited to autumn than others; not just because of their warm properties, but their stunning designs too.


As far as luxurious materials go, velvet is an exemplary choice for making a statement in the colder months. It can make any dress look opulent and classy, and is also a durable option, ensuring your dresses look stunning for longer. Velvet can also be worn throughout the year as formal occasion wear, but is a great choice for autumn as it retains heat. Velvet is soft to touch, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout the day and night.

Eve Silk-Blend Velvet Shirt Dress in Black
Celia Leather Patent Chain Strap Evening Bag in Red

Our Eve silk-blend velvet shirt dress is a high-end, classic design that comes complete with side pockets and a detachable belt for practicality and comfort. Pair this bag with our Celia leather chain strap evening bag in red to add a pop of colour and to enhance the luxurious nature of the outfit.


For a more casual look, denim is a great choice for an autumn dress. Like velvet, it is durable and warm, and can also make a casual look stand out. Denim dresses are perfect for withstanding the colder months, and can be worn for years due to the capability of the material. Our denim dresses are fashioned from our signature Blythe dresses, and can be worn to lunches with friends and even for autumn days in the office.

Ella Denim Full Skirt Shirt Dress
Cyd Denim Shirt Dress

Our Ella denim full skirt dress is designed with style, functionality and comfort in mind. It embraces a stylish cotton blend fabric, and can be paired with our green Dahlia camera bag to create an original autumn look. For a similar, less-flared look, our Cyd denim shirt dress is a gorgeous alternative, but still keeps those all-important winter properties of comfort and warmth.


A fabric similar to corduroy, needlecord is more lightweight than its thicker counterpart, making it the perfect alternative for dresses in autumn and winter. Needlecord has finer ribs, so won’t feel as heavy when worn, prioritising comfort and elegance. It is also the ideal material for dresses that can be worn to formal and casual occasions, highlighting the dress’ flexibility and eye-catching design. If you need a dress that will not only keep you cosy, but will look graceful whilst doing so, needlecord is an optimal choice.

Constance Needlecord Shirt Dress i Blue

Our Constance needlecord shirt dress is the perfect option for walks in the woods as well as evening drinks at the pub, complete with full sleeves and a mid-calf length to keep you warm against the autumn night air. For a lighter coloured choice, our stunning Esme cord full skirt shirt dress combines comfort with style, with a winter white finish to prepare for the colder months.


Edie Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Red

Although silk is a lighter material and isn’t as warm as velvet or denim, it doesn’t mean that your silk dresses must be stored away until the sun comes out again. Silk is a gorgeous material that not only feels soft and delicate, but looks refined and classic too. Silk dresses are the perfect evening outfit, especially when attending events such as autumn weddings, formal dinners and parties. To keep warm, silk dresses can be layered with a thick coat when venturing outside to keep the chill away.

We have a wide collection of designer silk dresses and evening dresses here at Jasper Conran London, such as our Edie silk full skirt shirt dress in festive red. When paired with a black heel and our Darcey leather dome cross body bag, you can assemble a contemporary evening outfit perfect for the colder months.

Darcey Leather Dome Cross Body Bag


Not too heavy but not too light, cotton dresses are a breathable choice for autumn, and will keep you warm without overheating. Cotton is a flexible fabric for both summer and winter, presenting a stylish option in our dresses here at Jasper Conran London. Cotton dresses can be great daytime outfits, and can accompany you to harvest festivals and farmers markets.

Blythe Stripe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Choc stripe

Our choc striped Blythe full skirt shirt dress is perfectly designed for a unique look, and is available in black and blue stripes too. This dress also comes complete with long sleeves to ensure it is winter ready.

What Autumn Dress Should I Choose?

The type of dress you choose this autumn depends on your personal style and preferences. You may also need different dresses depending on the weather and any events you are attending, and choosing the perfect autumn colour palette could enhance your look even more. All of our dresses at Jasper Conran London are flexible and practical, and can be worn for a variety of occasions and seasons. They’re a friend for your wardrobe for life, but several factors can affect your choice of dress.

Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress
Celia Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Yellow

Our gorgeous silk and velvet dresses are perfect for special occasions and autumn parties; their refined qualities and stunning designs will make them stand out from the crowd, and they also come in a range of colours to not only suit autumn, but your personal style too. Our Celia collection is a favourite at Jasper Conran London, available in several colours to help you get the most out of your outfit. Our black Celia silk full skirt shirt dress is timeless and perfect for cosy wine nights in the pub, whereas the yellow alternative can add a pop of colour whilst still sticking with the autumn theme.

Our Eve silk-blend velvet shirt dress is another option for special occasions and parties. If you’re looking for a warmer alternative to silk on a cold November night, our stunning velvet dress is chic and elegant, helping you balance effortless style with comfortableness.

Eve Silk-Blend Velvet Shirt Dress
Edie Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Red

If you’re dedicated to keeping the autumn theme within your wardrobe, colour will be an important factor. Our gorgeous Edie silk full skirt shirt dress comes in a stunning red that can accompany you to parties and gatherings with friends and family. Match this dress with our Celia multi strap bag in red to combine the two festive colours. We also have a vast collection of chocolate dresses perfect for autumn, available in a range of styles and materials. Our classic Blythe full skirt shirt dress in chocolate is the ideal dress for afternoon tea and catch ups with friends, as well as walks through the woods.

As well as choosing a material that will keep you warm, you might want to consider their length too. Maxi and midi dresses with longer sleeves are a popular option in autumn and winter as they provide a little extra warmth, but they are a year-long staple in your wardrobe that can be styled and layered to suit the colder seasons. Our signature Blythe full skirt shirt dresses come complete with long sleeves that can be easily rolled up to suit you, and are available in a range of colours perfect for autumn. Our Blythe in black is a classic choice, and can be paired with our Dahlia camera bag in black to complete the look.

Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Choc
Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Black

When choosing your next autumn dress, consider the various styles here at Jasper Conran London. From classic full skirt shirt dresses to stunning wrap and A-line dresses, we have your next designer dress amongst our collection. You can browse our full range of designer dresses here.

How Can I Style My Dress in Autumn?

Once you have chosen the perfect material, as well as the style and colour of your dress, it is important to style your dress in accordance with the season and weather. You don’t want to be too cold in your new designer dress, so don’t be afraid to layer up to keep warm and complement your dress. You can also consider getting a new designer handbag to pair with your dress; one that it not only practical, but suits the autumn season too.

Here at Jasper Conran London, we have a wide selection of designer bags perfectly designed to not only look good, but to keep all of your essentials safe no matter where you go. Bags can help complete your day and evening looks, and come in various different sizes to suit your dress and the event you are attending. Our new Darcey collection is perfect for autumn, no matter whether you’re running errands, meeting friends for drinks or attending a party. Our Darcey leather hobo bag in tan is practical and durable, providing great interior space for your purse, phone and make up.

Darcey Leather Hobo Bag in Tan
Darcey Leather Double Flap Cross Body Bag in Black

If you need a bag more suited to evenings, our Darcey leather double flap cross body bag is a stunning contemporary piece, complete with a detachable strap for greater flexibility. The double flap element is perfect for keeping your belongings safe, ideal for nights out and visits to busy farmers markets.

You can view our full collection of designer handbags on our website.

Although materials such as needlecord, velvet and denim are great insulators and are the quintessential choices for autumn, you may still need to layer up to provide that extra touch of warmth. All of our dresses can be paired with thick jackets and long winter coats when spending time outdoors; for instance, our Esme needlecord full skirt shirt dress would look alluring with a leather jacket and long boots to create a chic and contemporary silhouette.

Esme Cord Full Skirt Shirt Dress in White
Emily Pintuck Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Black

You can also layer our dresses with clothing items underneath the dresses such as polo necks and turtleneck sweaters. Our black dresses, such as our Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress, can be paired with a cream or white turtleneck to add extra comfort and style to an already stunning ensemble.

Preparing for Autumn with Jasper Conran London

We have a broad-ranging collection of stunning dresses perfect for autumn at Jasper Conran London, from our classic Blythe and Celia collections our new Eve and Esme dresses perfect for colder temperatures.

We consider the seasons when designing our dresses, but all collections are perfect all-year-round, allowing you to get the most out of your outfit come rain or shine. We believe in providing modern, chic dresses that will be a friend for your wardrobe, with a broad choice of colours that will make a statement day or night, from winter through to summer.

Chloe Shirt Printed Georgette Dress
Blythe Checkered Full Skirt Shirt Dress

Each dress is designed with the contemporary, on-the-go woman in mind, with intricate detailing and refined materials that will enhance your wardrobe and match perfectly with different bags, coats and shoes.

You can view our entire collection of bespoke designer dresses, bags and purses on our website.

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