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Hobo bags are always a prominent style in our Jasper Conran London accessories range. With their effortless style and practical nature, they are an excellent accessory for both the office and the weekend. Our hobo bags at Jasper Conran are stylish and contemporary and the range encompasses different shapes and sizes, with interior space and compartments perfect for storage no matter how the bag is used.

The hobo bag is an elegant yet functional choice, a bag that can take you straight from the office to venturing out for an evening meal. With the colder months upon us, most women will be looking for a bag that complements their Autumn/Winter wardrobe, with colours and styles that can also have longevity throughout the rest of the seasons.

Colette Hobo Bag in Forrest

In our accessories style guide, we will discuss hobo bags in more depth, paying focus to their practicality and functionality. We will also discuss how you can make your designer hobo bag work for you this autumn, and which bag is best for you based on your colour preferences and the occasions and events you will be attending. As well as guiding you on how to wear your hobo bag, we will also discuss our top picks from Jasper Conran London.

What is a Hobo Bag?

Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo in Tan

A hobo bag is an accessory known for its practicality and effortless style. The hobo bag can be worn over the shoulder for a comfortable and hands-free look. Hobo bags are usually crescent shaped and have plenty of internal space, making them a great choice no matter whether you’re off on a casual day trip or have an important business meeting.

Hobo bags also come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect bag for you and the occasion you are attending. If you’re looking for a more traditional designer hobo bag, our Beatrix leather scoop hobo bag is the optimal choice for a chic evening look. Our tan option works perfectly with the autumn months, and can match with our Connie full skirt wrap dress in black to create a stunning silhouette.

Connie Full Skirt Wrap Dress in Black
Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Brown

If you need a bigger hobo bag with more storage, we recommend our new Darcey hobo. This bag is a smart and contemporary addition to any autumnal wardrobe, with a beautifully designed curved outer pocket for stylish storage. Our Black Darcey bag can transform any look to appear more refined than it already is, especially our brown Blythe full-skirt shirt dress.

How Practical is a Hobo Bag?

Agatha Hobo Bag in Mustartd

Designer hobo bags are the perfect example of a bag that combines style and practicality without compromising either. Hobo bags are a popular choice due to their spacious interiors. Our Agatha hobo bags are a stunning choice, complete with bespoke hardware to give it a classic finish.

Our Agatha bags come with three separate compartments for organised storage, allowing you to better categorise your belongings so they don’t get lost in your bag. All colours of our Agatha hobo bag will fit well with the autumn and winter months too; our mustard grain option is perfect for adding a touch of colour to the darker months, and can be paired beautifully with our Blythe full skirt shirt dress in blue.

Blythe full skirt shirt dress in blue
Blythe Checkered Full Skirt Shirt Dress with Navy Dahlia Hobo Bag

If you’re looking for ample storage in a minimalistic form, our Dahlia hobo bags not only have great internal storage, but external pockets that provide both style and extra room for your personal items. The external zipped compartment and front pocket can make way for smaller items such as your keys and make up, keeping them safe and ensuring they don’t get lost within your bag. Our navy Dahlia looks chic when paired with our Blythe checkered full skirt shirt dress, creating an everyday look that will stand out at farmers markets and at cosy evening drinks with friends.

Hobo bags aren’t just functional options for daytime outfits, they also look chic and classic during the evenings. Practicality for a nighttime look is equally as important, as you need storage for your phone, lipstick and keys. Our Brielle hobo underarm bag is a more compact option, but still provides sufficient storage for your belongings. With statement hardware and a feature pocket, this bag presents a clean and stylish aesthetic that would look perfect with one of our statement shirt dresses, such as our Emily pintuck full skirt shirt dress in black.

Brielle Hobo Underarm
Emily Pintuck Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Black

All of our bags at Jasper Conran London combine style and sophistication with a functional design that can accompany women all-year-round, no matter the event or occasion they are attending. You can find out more about all of our designer bags in our insights centre.

Preparing for Autumn: How a Hobo Bag can Benefit your Wardrobe

With the approaching colder months comes the opportunity to break out the autumnal colours and enhance your wardrobes. Darker tones such as purples, chocolates and mustard yellows all encapsulate the autumn season, and many women add these colours to their wardrobe and accessories. Whether you’re attending seasonal parties, bonfires or Sunday roasts, you need outfits and bags that work with the season.

Constance Needlecord Shirt Dress in Blue
Colette Hobo Bag in Forest

If you’re looking for a simple yet designer handbag that will not only keep your belongings safe but will match exquisitely with your daytime autumn outfits, our Colette hobo bag comes in a beautiful forest green hue to blend well with your outfits that present a darker hue. With a comfortable shape and multiple compartments, this bag is great for matching back with our Constance needlecord shirt dress for a cosy autumn look.

As the autumn nights roll in, there’s more opportunity for comfortable dresses in darker colours, with petite handbags to match. Autumn sees the arrival of events such as bonfire night and Halloween; if you’re attending a party, you deserve to stand out with a gorgeous dress and a bag to match. Our Beatrix leather hobo bag in black is the perfect choice for parties and formal events, and can be paired with our stunning Chloe printed Georgette dress to make a real statement on an evening out.

Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo
Chloe Skirt Printed Goergette dress

With a nice dress and bag combination, you can turn any walk in the park into the perfect photo opportunity. With the autumnal colours of brown, yellow and red all around, consider it a chance to break out your designer bag and dress. Our Agatha wine hobo bag is a gorgeous colour that would look stunning with our Ella denim dress, a combination that not only looks great, but feels comfortable and cosy too. This dress and bag can also be matched into the winter months too, helping you get the most out of your outfits. To find your next designer dress to match with your hobo bag, you can view our dress collection here.

This dress is now part of our Summer 2024 sale, which you can browse here.

Colours and Occasions: Which Hobo Bag is Best for Me?

Choosing the perfect colour for your next designer outfit is essential; a colour coordinated dress and bag combination that stands out in autumn but can still be worn throughout the year allows you to get the most out of your outfit. The autumn colour palette is warm and welcoming, and can be incorporated into your day and nighttime looks.

Agatha Hobo Bag in Green
Celia full skirt shirt dress in yellow

Our Agatha collection is perfect for the autumn months; with a variation of colours such as wine, mustard, black and green, you have plenty of tones to choose from to complement your winter outfits. Our green Agatha hobo bag has a contrasting blue interior, displaying two colours that work perfectly in the winter months. This bag would pair well with our Celia full skirt shirt dress in yellow, allowing for a colourful display that still fits with an autumnal setting.

If adding brighter colour to your AW wardrobe, consider our Dahlia hobo bag in mustard for a stunning bag that can work with any season. It can provide a brighter tone to a winter. This versatile bag is a wardrobe must- have, and can look effortless with our choco striped Blythe full skirt shirt dress. This combination also works for an Oktoberfest celebration, or for a visit to an autumn market.

Dahlia Hobo Bag in Mustard
Brielle Hobo Underarm (close up of buckle)

Although wedding season has ended, that doesn’t mean they’ve ended completely. Autumn is the perfect time for some couples to tie the knot; there are also other formal events and occasions happening, such as birthdays, christenings and birthday parties. To ensure you stand out from the crowd at these autumnal events, consider our stunning Brielle underarm hobo bag; its black, classic designs allows it to match with any formal outfit, with enough interior space for your purse, keys and phone too.

Heading to office during the cooler months, you’ll need a bag that not only stores all of your essential items securely, but looks great at work too. Our tan Darcey hobo bag can be pre-ordered today; this modern bag is perfectly roomy and can add a touch of elegance to any office attire. This bag also works for weekends of running errands or running around with the children.

Darcey Leather Hobo Bag in Tan

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hobo Bag

Agatha Hobo Bag (inside view)

Hobo bags are a stylish choice, and can be worn in many different ways depending on your mood and outfit. Designer hobo bags are traditionally worn on the shoulder for comfort and ease of access, giving you a hands-free bag that you can easily reach into to retrieve your belongings. Our Agatha, Darcey and Dahlia bags are perfect examples of larger hobo bags pay attention to functionality. Their straps are perfectly designed to be flexible and comfortable, allowing them to be worn all-day every day.

For a more unique hobo bag, the Beatrix leather scoop hobo bag fits snugly into your side for a comfortable feel, all the while presenting a stylish look that fits any formal, evening setting. The Beatrix also comes with internal pockets for more storage and better organisation.

Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo (Zip detail view)
Bonne A-line Swing Dress in Black

For an underarm bag that mixes comfort with style, the Brielle underarm hobo can be worn underarm, in the crook of the elbow, or can be carried. We recommend pairing this bag with an evening dress, such as our Bonne A- line swing dress in black. If you want a hobo bag with more versatility and external pockets, our Baylee double pocket hobo has a detachable, adjustable strap for extra comfort, and can be worn across the body for more security too.

There is no set way to wear a hobo bag, but the beauty of this contemporary design is that you can wear it hands-free, making life easier if you are on-the-go. Wearing a hobo bag on your shoulder can also make it easier to access, ensuring they are an effortless choice throughout autumn and all-year-round.

Baylee Double Pocket Hobo in Black

Designer Hobo Bags at Jasper Conran London

Agatha Hobo Bag (inside view)

All of our bags at Jasper Conran London are designed to bring together comfort, elegance and practicality; we believe that one element cannot exist without the others, creating a bag that works for modern, refined women. Our timeless designs come complete with bespoke hardware and sizing perfect for the bags intended uses, no matter whether you’re looking for a small evening bag or a larger tote bag for day trips and work life.

A hobo bag can be great addition to your wardrobe, especially during the autumnal months. We have a wide selection of colours perfectly suited to your tastes, all of which can blend perfectly with your winter outfits and festive occasions. You can browse our full collection of designer hobo bags here.

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