Brighter evenings and warmer days are finally around the corner. It's almost time to ditch the cashmere coats and chunky knitwear in favour of more vibrant and relaxed looks. As we leave the cold months behind and embrace the joy of spring. A new spring bag becomes essential to choose a handbag that delivers both style and practicality.

Edie Silk Full Skirt Shirt Dress in Red

The right bag has the power to create an outfit from mere garments. Regardless of the season, a handbag must offer a timeless design. Nevertheless, the warmer months provide the perfect opportunity to refresh your style and add some much-needed brightness. Jasper Conran London introduces a new collection of spring bags to elevate your daytime dresses or complement your occasion wear. Alternatively, fall back on our enduring handbag styles that stand the test of time.

Discover the key elements to look for in a designer spring handbag and how to choose the perfect style which never compromises on versatility. Explore the perfect pairing for a formal spring occasion and our most desirable handbag styles this season. Finally, we reveal the perfect handbag colours to embolden your wardrobe without sacrificing wearability.

What Key Elements Make a Designer Spring Handbag?

One of the first things to consider when choosing the perfect spring handbag is the occasion and style. Do you need the practicality of a cross-body bag, the generosity of a tote or the elegance of a grab bag? Discover the perfect springtime bag that will serve you for months and years to come.

Jasper Conran London offers a wide selection of bags to suit any occasion. The professional woman requires a spacious interior with subtle yet practical compartments for daily use. The new Bryn leather tote bag in blue is a perfect example with a generous body, and several external compartments for smaller items. The Bryn tote bag can replace both your overnight travel bags and laptop bags. This sizable bag comes in various other colours, such as orange and green, to blend in with spring occasions.

Bryn Leather Tote Bag in Blue
Darcey Leather Hobo Bag

Our modest Darcey Leather Hobo bag is also a strong contender for the perfect daytime handbag. Despite its interior capacity, the Leather Hobo is our most beautiful shopping bag yet, made with luxuriously supple and hardwearing leather.

The Darcey Leather Double Flap handbag is a great cross body bag for the day, but also suits a special occasion such as a wedding. Our sleek leather cross-body bag offers a subtle silhouette, secure compartments and a timelessly elegant design. Day or night, this versatile handbag keeps all your garden party essentials by your side.

Darcey Leather Double Flap
Francine Leather Chain Clutch Bag

A classic clutch bag is the logical choice for any formal event. For a thrilling day out at the races, a detachable strap might be preferable, functioning as a sleek cross-body bag when necessary. Our Francine Leather Chain Clutch Bag strikes a charming balance between nostalgia and modernity. The elegant form reflects the femininity of the carrier.

A smart evening event calls for a statement accompaniment such as the Francine Top Handle Grab Bag. Unveil a renewed sense of confidence this spring with emerald. Our latest evening bag can transform into a cross-body bag for uncompromising comfort.

Francine Top Handle Grab Bag in Green

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At Jasper Conran London, you’ll discover a diversity of forms from sleek silhouettes, to luxurious curves. Picture a relaxed Sunday morning brunch with our Bee Leather Scoop Shoulder Bag or Beatrix Scoop Lether Cross-Body bag. Alternatively, exude confidence with the Beatrix Flap Over Leather Cross-Body or the Bee Leather Mini Tote, embellished with gold and silver hardware.


With a new season on the horizon, the addition of colour is the perfect tonic for the winter blues; vibrant colours such as green, buttercup yellow or cobalt blue lift the mood of a room (or garden). However, at Jasper Conran London, we encourage longevity in fashion, which involves styling your pieces for year-round wear. To achieve this, select versatile, yet brightening hues such as emerald green, tan leather, camel, white, cream or sky blue. Nevertheless, a black handbag never fails to deliver unwavering class.

Bryn Leather Tote Bag in blue

The next consideration for this season’s accessory is structure and materials. A relaxed bag, created with flexible and robust leather, offers supreme comfort and wearability. Meanwhile, a structured piece such as the Bryn Leather Tote Bag is as resilient as it is versatile. Naturally, all our tote bags and bucket bags remain upright so all your belongings stay secure. Bryn provides clip-in storage for your purse or other valuables.

Leather handbags are naturally durable yet flexible, capable of adapting to any requirement. Many now look for equally luxurious pieces without the leather. The Dhalia collection is crafted with the finest faux leather. The Navy Hobo Bag provides ample storage for daily use; its contemporary design adds intrigue to your style. Our malleable recycled nylon bags also allow for unbeatable storage and practicality. The Carmen Nylon Cross-body Bag is the first choice for crisp morning dog walks or family adventures, where practicality takes precedence but elegance is preferable.

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The final consideration is practicality. First and foremost, a handbag serves to store and organise all your essential belongings. Tote bags boast a generous capacity but shoulder bags or cross-body bags can be more practical with multiple internal storage compartments, slip pockets, secure zippers and fastenings. Jasper Conran London’s clutch bags even offer the versatility of a cross-body for day-long occasions.

Which Handbag Should I Choose for Versatility?

Sometime women may find a compromise between style and practicality. Features such as multiple straps, internal compartments and pockets, minimalist style, cross-body straps and generous storage ensure you’ll get the most wear out of this season’s handbag.

Dahlia Saddle Bag in Tan
Darcey Saddle Bag

The compact handbag you can depend on whether it’s coffee on a sunny Saturday morning or a rainy spring barbeque. The Darcey Saddle Bag is a smart option for daily use. Crafted with luxurious leather, this classic handbag boasts practical internal and external storage and enough room for your wedding guest basics. Our favourite alternative to a leather saddle bag is the Dhalia, meticulously designed using unwavering faux leather to deliver functional elegance every day.

The epitome of versatility comes in the form of a multi-strap handbag. By day, the Celia Leather Multi-Strap Bag functions as a classic cross-body, by night, it transforms into a stylish grab/clutch bag, or shoulder bag. Available in black and mauve and a showstopping scarlett, the Celia multi-strap demands attention at your next spring occasion.

Celia Leather Multi Strap Bag in red
Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo

We couldn’t discuss the perfect everyday bag without including Hobo bags. These generous handbags store all you could need with room to spare. Relaxed, yet graceful, hobo handbags from Jasper Conran make spring days out or your nine-to-five that much more comfortable. Find a curvacious yet minimalist design in the Beatrix Leather Scoop Hobo or effortless femininity in the Darcey. Or make a positive impact with the Dhalia Hobo bag

A timeless classic is the tote bag. Jasper Conran’s traditional Bryn Leather Tote offers three large internal compartments and a bold silhouette. Tote bags provide easy access storage - the perfect beach day companion. The zipped internal pocket keeps your belongings inside and sand out.

Darcey Leather Hobo Bag
Dahlia Hobo Bag

The Bee Leather Tote demonstrates unapologetic confidence. Our Mini Tote is also an excellent choice for a versatile spring handbag. The smaller size helps it seamlessly connect your outfit while delivering convenient all-day storage - A Wimbledon staple. For day-to-night styling choose the black mini tote, capable of storing your occasion shoes for later in the evening.

bryn leather tote bag Bee Leather Tote Blythe Full Skirt Shirt Dress

Cross-body bags earn the title of the most versatile. At Jasper Conran London, detachable straps make for transformable clutch bags - suitable for formal occasions. Internal and external pockets and secure compartments ensure your party essentials can be stored safely. Style a cross-body bag for day or night with our range of ultimately wearable styles and colours.

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Which Bag Should I Wear with a Formal Spring Dress?

If the British springtime weather permits, lightweight dresses, brighter colours and florals make their resurgence. With more colours and patterns to consider, choosing the right bag can be more complicated. Neutral colours such as black, tan or cream are timelessly stylish. But with vibrancy blooming all around you, take advantage of bolder styling choices - turn heads at your next formal occasion.

Our Filomena silk full skirt shirt dress in cream is the perfect outfit for spring, and would exquisitely match with a nude or silver bag such as our Francine leather chain clutch collection. These combinations are perfect for the spring season, with a neutral colour palette to add elegance to any occasion.

Filomena Full Skirt Shirt Dress

Look no further than the Francine Top Handle Grab Bag for the perfect Ascot ensemble. Minimalistic, yet confident, this handbag carries an authority of its own. Balance the boldness out with the Filomena Full Skirt Shirt Dress or join as equals with the Green Flora A-Line. Available in three satin-finish colours, emerald, cream and black, there’s no dress that it can’t elevate.

Green Flora A-Line Francine

Beautiful yet versatile, the Francine Leather Chain Clutch Bag deserves attention. Three neutral colours - black, cream and silver - offer the perfect canvas for your wedding guest dress. Try the silver with the purple Fleur Full Skirt Shirt Dress or the black with our Florence Printed Short Sleeve Silk Wrap Dress. There are no rules for bold colour choices this spring.

Fleur Full Skirt Shirt Dress

Popular Spring Handbag Styles for Formal Events

Francine Leather Chain Clutch Bag

Reach for a modestly-sized occasion bag for a formal event. Comfort considerations for all-day celebrations such your dearest’s wedding, or renowned sporting events - Ascot or Henley Regatta - command comfort and unwavering elegance. Cross-body bags or multi-strap bags offer both in equal measure.

A leather chain clutch bag is a timeless classic. Versatile and beautiful, the cross-body or shoulder chain adds a touch of glamour without compromising on sophistication. Indulgent, yet understated, the Francine Leather Chain Clutch Bag is sure to capture a second glance. Opt for a slightly more generous bag with just as much charm. The Celia Leather Multi-Strap bag can function as a sophisticated shoulder or grab bag and also a cross-body bag for day-to-night styling.

Celia Leather Multi-Strap bag
Francine Top Handle Grab Bag

The Francine Top Handle Grab Bag in emerald green would certainly make a statement this spring. Its sophisticated design exudes confidence and joy. Also available in black and luscious cream, a minimalist handbag such as this is preferable for daytime events where tasteful elegance is required.

The key to choosing a formal occasion bag is timeless style. Identify a confident silhouette, elegant embellishments, and luxurious material. The option to utilise it as a clutch bag, shoulder or grab bag ensures you’re prepared for any eventuality this spring.

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Celia leather bag in croc black

Choosing the Best Handbag Colour for Spring

Black, tan and cream handbags transcend the seasons. Nevertheless, British springtime calls for some much-needed brightness and an updated colour palette. The obvious pairing for white, cream and pastel garments is a vintage cream or tan leather handbag. Refresh your style with green or cobalt blue.

Frida Canvas Tote Bag Bryn Large Stripe Canvas Tote

The warmer weather goes hand in hand with lighter linens, silk dresses vibrant prints and eye-catching stripes. Our new arrivals at Jasper Conran London are specifically designed to deliver contemporary elegance, ultimate versatility and meet the needs of modern women. Whether it's a spring wedding, typical business day or festivities with close friends, carry the ultimate handbag.

Designer Spring Handbags for Jasper Conran London

Frida Canvas Tote Bag

The perfect spring handbag effortlessly combines unwavering elegance, with versatile styling and practical storage. Jasper Conran London offers a selection of meticulously crafted handbags for all occasions, from shopping trips, professional functions or garden parties to weddings, Wimbledon or Ascot. A bag for daily use must provide adequate storage and a minimalistic design to complement any garments from your wardrobe. Our Hobo or Tote bags are a smart choice for a productive nine-to-five or a relaxed day out.

Level up with a luxurious leather cross-body bag for daytime events that call for comfortable straps, an innovative interior and above all, a beautifully sleek form. Removable straps make our cross-body bags suitable for evening styling. Explore the collection of versatile spring handbags.

Bryn Large Stripe Canvas Tote

An eye-catching occasion bag needs a confident silhouette and timeless sophistication. Multi-strap bags also deliver the practicality of a cross-body and the elegance of a clutch bag so you can transition between day and night functions seamlessly. Swerve the ordinary this spring and choose a vibrant handbag - contemporary green or nostalgic silver.

Be sure to get the most wear out of this season’s handbag. Choose minimalistic yet sleek designs to accentuate any style. Day-to-night styling is crucial for a versatile spring bag, therefore, multi-strap or cross-body bags easily win our recommendation. Our most versatile day-time bag has to be the Darcey Hobo or the Bryn Tote - seamlessly slotting into your work or away day.

Darcey Leather Dome Cross Body
Darcey Leather Triple Section

Wherever your mood takes you, a Jasper Conran London will deliver on your vision. Wear our classic styles with vibrant colours, patterns or stripes. Or liven up your wardrobe with effortlessly stylish statement pieces. Choose, classic black, luscious cream, or emerald green to smarten your formal spring wear. A chain clutch bag is first choice for a spring occasion. Modest, yet confident, understated accompaniments will command intrigue this season.

Classic colours outlast the seasons but a statement piece is neither black, tan nor cream. Experiment with cobalt or pastel blue, emerald green or silver. Alternatively, reminisce with mustard, olive or navy.

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